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Fu Pei-Mei: Legend of Chinese cooking

Fu Pei-Mei: Legend of Chinese cooking dies at 73
Those of you who learned to cook Chinese food with cookbooks by Fu
Pei-Mei should know that she passed away in Taiwan on 9/16/04. The
following news article is from So sad!
Apparently, Fu was also a TV Chef personality like Julia Child, having
demonstrated over 4000 dishes in her TV career! And, also like Child,
Fu learned to cook later on in her marriage. Read on:

Legend of Chinese cooking dies at 73

FOOD GURU: Fu Pei-mei, who built a reputation as one of the world's
foremost Chinese cooks through a 40-year career as a TV chef, died
after a battle with cancer

Friday, Sep 17, 2004,Page 4

Fu Pei-mei

Legendary chef Fu Pei-mei died of pancreatic cancer at the Veterans
General Hospital Taipei yesterday at the age of 73.

According to hospital sources, Fu had been fighting liver cancer, and
later pancreatic cancer, for seven years. Thanks to her open-minded
and optimistic attitude, she seldom complained about her diseases, a
family member said.

Despite her disease, the family member said, Fu took great delight in
traveling abroad.

"Travel helped her forget her debilitating illness," he added.

Fu wrote many cookbooks, teaching homemakers cooking skills, recipes
and the fun of family cooking. She is reputed to be the first Chinese
person to gain fame by writing cookbooks, and her works were once
considered vital for a bride's dowry.

Fu used to be the most popular television cooking show host in the
country. Starting in 1962, she hosted many weekly culinary programs at
Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV) for almost 40 years, introducing
more than 4,000 different Chinese dishes. The programs have been
exported to the US, Japan, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian

Born in Dalian in northeastern China during the era of Japanese
colonial rule, Fu spoke fluent Japanese, and many Japanese expatriates
in Taiwan liked to study Chinese cuisine with her. Japan's public TV
channel NHK once invited her to host Chinese cooking programs.

During the heyday of her career -- from the 1970s to the 1990s -- Fu
helped promote Taiwan's international presence, as she was often
invited to demonstrate Chinese culinary art and skills in various

Fu also ran a cooking class that attracted many housewives and
brides-to-be. She closed the class some 10 years ago because of family
financial disputes, retired, and was seldom seen in public.

She moved to Taiwan at the age of 19 after the communists took control
of China, first working at a trading company and appearing in TV
commercials promoting electric home appliances. She began to learn how
to cook only after she married.

Fu is survived by two daughters and a son. One of her daughters and
her daughter-in-law are also versed in culinary skills. Despite this
family background, Fu never ran a restaurant.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Secrets of Nutritional Chinese Cookery - Ng Siong Mui

Secrets of Nutritional Chinese Cookery - Its great to have this book.

1. New-year fried vermicelli
2. Stir-fried Prawns with mixed vegetables
3. Stir-fried beansprouts with roasted duck
4. Stir-fried kidneys with wood fungus
5. Golden mushrooms with seafood
6. Mushrooms stir-fried with beancurd
7. Stir-fried scallops with chicken livers
8. Sweet Sour Pork
9. Black Pepper Beef with claypot
10. Rice fried with eight treasures
11. Stir-fried soya beansprouts with pork
12. Oysters in a claypot
13. Flat rice noodles stir-fried with beansprouts
14. Stir-fried mustard greens (choy sum)
15. Scrambled shark's fins, crab meat & eggs
16. Pork stir-fried with mixed vegetables
17. Soft soya bean cakes with chicken liver
18. Stir-fried liver with snow fungus
19. Chinese spinach with scallops and medlar seeds
20. Fried pork with angled luffa
21. Stir-fried diced long bean with barbecue pork
22. Fried mushrooms with beansprouts
23. Fried chicken with bitter gourd
24. Stir-fried chicken with young ginger roots and pinapples
25. Stir-fried chicken gixxards with apples
26. Stir-fried Golden mushrooms with scallops
27. Stir-fried kale with fish fillet
28. Bitter Gourd & shrimp omelette
29. Shredded beef with beansprouts
30. Stir-fried beef with century egg
31. Sitr-fried soya bean cake with chinese chive buds

1. Steamed stuffed beancurd
2. Steamed honey pears
3. Chicken, snow fungus in yunnan pot
4. Steamed beancurd with shrimp roe
5. Yunnan chicken pot
6. All in the family
7. Steamed stuffed mushrooms
8. Steamed chicken rice in serving cups
9. Crown of glory
10. Phoenix of the snow mountain
11. Steamed rice with chinese sausage & bacon
12. Yunnan herbal chicken soup
13. Steamed pig's brain
14. Steamed beancurd custard
15. Steamed fish custard
16. Steamed liver & fungi in yunnan pot
17. Steamed fish fillet with mushroom & ham
18. Steamed Marble gobe
19. Steamed frog with lotus leaf
20. Steamed sole
21. Steamed variety eggs
22. Steamed minced garlic prawns
23. Steamed milk with ginger juice
24. Steamed rice in lotus leaf
25. Steamed fish slices with medlar seeds
26. Steamed spicy chicken gizzards
27. Steamed egg custard
29. Chicken wrapped in lotus leaf
30. Drunken phoenix
31. Seafood in yunnan pot
32. Steamed chicken with mushrooms
33. Steamed pomfret
34. Steamed egg custard with whitebait
35. Steamed water chestnuts with minced meat
36. Fish steamed on lotus leaf

1. Hairy marrow soup
2. Papaya, peanuts and chicken feet soup
3. Fish bone soup
4. Four herb soup
5. Pork & lotus root soup
6. Snow fungus & gizzard soup
7. Apple soup
8. Bitter gourd & dried oysters soup
9. Kudzu & gram beans soup
10. Chinese spinah soup
11. Shark's fins & chicken feet soup
12. Frog & Sea moss soup
13. Brow beans & mushrooms steams soup
14. Dried octopus & lotus root soup
15. Pea shoots& chicken liver soup
16. Old cucumber with buddha's fruit
17. Chinese white cabbage soup
18. Winter melon & ginko nut soup
19. Leaf mustard (kai choy) with roasted duck soup
20. Lotus seeds & egg soup
21. Chestnut & Chicken soup
22. Shark's fin & crab meat soup
23. Peanut cream
24. Angled luffa fish slice soup
25. Red beans with chicken feet soup
26. Yok Chok Chicken soup
27. Pearly bean soup
28. Six- flavoured savoury soup
29. Six- favoured sweet soup
30. Sweet potato soup
31. Mung bean congee
32. Sweet five bean congee
33. Sweet red bean soup
34. Ginko nuts & barley soup
35. Longan tea
36. Watercress with honey dates
37. Water chestnut paste

1. Stewed chicken with ginger and onions
2. Pig's tail with mussels
3. Stewed chicken with straw mushrooms
4. Stewed stuffed hairy marrows
5. Stewed mushrooms with pig tendons
6. Eight treasure box
7. Stewed spicy chicken giblets
8. Stewed sea cucumber and Duck
9. Stewed sweet sour pig's trotter
10. Braised ducks' webs
11. Stewed dried seafood in claypot
12. Stewed herbal chicken
13. Stewed Roasted duck with bitter gourd
14. Stewed hairy marrows with mungbean vermicelli
15. Stewed fish balls with sea moss
16. Stewed Grouper head
17. Stewed chicken with wood fungus
18. Stewed carp with spring onion & ginger
19. Stewed chestnuts with chicken
20. Stewed abalone in oyster sauce
21. Canned abalone stewed in oyster sauce
22. Braised comb shark's fins
23. Stewed lotus root with pig's trotters
24. Stewed beancurd deluxe
25. Ma Por Toufu
26. Happy family
27. Mussels with carrot and mushrooms
28. Stewed pig;s trotter with oyster & mushrooms
29. Stewed Chicken with mushroom
30. Stewed Pork loin
31. Braised spicy pork ribs

1. Sea cucumber and scallop soup
2. Herbal mutton soup
3. Shark's fin with chinese cabbage hearts
4. Chicken and walnut soup
5. Chicken with snow frog's glands soup
6. Korean ginseng and Chicken Soup
7. Chinese pears with almonds
8. Turtle Soup with herbs
9. Snow fungus soup
10. Chicken stuffed with pomelo
11. Snow fungus & papaya delight
12. Abalone, chicken and American ginseng soup
13. Pig's spleen with corn silk
14. Chicken with chinese mushroom soup
15. Chicken with Abalone
16. Chicken and Ginseng soup
17. Winter melon & duck gizzard soup
18. Ginko with ferox nuts soup
19. Ferox nuts and honey soup
20. Pig's brain and chicken feet soup
21. Bird's nest soup
22. Pigeon with fish maw
23. Snakehead fish and apple soup
24. Chicken and bird;s nest soup
25. Chicken ox-tail soup
26. Pearl scallop soup
27. Pig's trotter and black bean soup
28. Pig;s heart herbal soup
29. Double-boiled snow frog's glands
30. Chinese cordyceps soup
31. Pork and snow fungus soup