Saturday, September 30, 2006

Singapore Heritage Food by Sylvia Tan

Singapore Heritage Food by Sylvia Tan
-Yesterday's recipes for today's cook

The Colonial Heritage
-Flavours from bungalow kitchen

Pepper Steak
Ham Steak with Pineapple
Butter-rubbed Roast Chicken
Potato Salad
Chicken Stew
Mince with Potatoes & Peas
Egg Salad
Shepherd's Pie
Home-made Mayonnaise
Thousand Island Dressing
Mulligatawny Soup (curry soup)
Fish Moolie
Curry Tiffin
Sambal Sandwich Filling
Corned Beef Sandwiches
Sago Pudding
Sherry Trifle
Bread Pudding
Coconut Candy
Butter Cake
Banana Cake
Cream Puffs
Marble Cake

The Snackbar Era
-The Hainanese Connection

Prawn Cocktail
Chef's Salad
Hot Dogs
Curry Puffs
Sausage Rolls
Chicken Pies
Beef Shashlik
Oxtail Stew
Minute Steak
Sambal Prawns
Roti Babi
Chicken Maryland
Fried Mah Mee
Hainanese Pork Chops
Chocolate Eclairs
Milk Shakes
Banana Split
Knickerbocker Glory

The Cantonese Banquet
-Revolutions in dinning out

Winter Melon Soup
Chicken with Corn Soup
Shark's Fin Soup
Lobster with Fruit Salad
Shrimp Toast
Fu Yong Hai
Har Lok
Prawn Fritters
Chinese Fried Chicken
Steamed Chicken with Ham
Chicken with Cashews
Paper-wrapped Chicken
Chinese Beef Steak
Cantonese Fried Rice
Raw Fish Salad
Sweet & Sour Pork
Beef Hor Fun
Prawns & Vegetables in a Yam Basket
Fruit with Almond Jelly

Street Food
-The proof of loyal customers

Kon Lo Meen
Satay Celup
Hor Pau
Gu Bak Kway Teow
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Loh Kai Yik
Hae Mee
Or Luak
Ju Her Eng Chye
Fried Hokkien Mee
Yu Tow Mai Fun
Char Kway Teow
Indian Rojak
Ngo Hiang
Nasi Lemak
Nasi Briyani
Goreng Pisand
Green Bean or Red Bean Soup
Sweet Potatoes in Ginger Syrup
Cheng Tng

Singapore Fusion
-Mixing & matching

Tauhu Goreng
Roti John
Sardine Sambal
Ayam Tempura
Pork Vindaloo
Devil Curry
Babi Assam Garam
Sek Bak
Pork Satay
Chap Chye
Fish Head Curry
Mee Rebus
Mee Siam
Indian Mee Goreng
Ponggol Mee Goreng
Chilli Crab
Spiced Mutton Chops
Barbecued Fish in Banana Leaf
Crispy Baby Squid
Miso Clams

Ethnic Supermarket
-A new era in Singapore eating

Roasted Spare Ribs
Sayur Lodeh
Tandoori Chicken
French Beans with Black Olive Paste
Thai Olive Rice
Chicken Green Curry
Green Curry Pizza
Tom Yam Kung
Ikan Bilis & Peanuts
Beef Rendeng
Yong Tauhu with spicy bean sauce
Quick Chicken Rice
Fried Chye Tow Kway
Har Cheong Kai
Bak Kut Teh
Chirashi Sushi
Coconut Jelly
Ah Bo Ling in Soya Bean Milk
Bubur Cha-Cha

Friday, September 29, 2006

Singaporean Cooking by Mrs Leong Yee Soo


Nonya Cakes
1. Kueh Lapis Beras
2. Kueh Sarlet
3. Kueh Dadar
4. Speckok Kueh Lapis Batavia
5. Kueh Bongkong
6. Kueh Khoo Moh Ho
7. Kueh Bangket
8. Kueh Bengka Pulot
9. Kueh Bolu Kukus
10.Kueh Bengka Ubi Kayu
11.Kueh Pisang
12.Jemput-jemput Pisang
14.Kueh Talam Ko Swee
15.Kueh Ko Swee

Singapore Favourites
1. Poh Pia
2. Gado-gado
3. Otak-otak Panggang
4. Fried Radish Cake
5. Braised Hot Pot
6. Satay Chelop
7. Satay
8. Mee Goreng
9. Mee Rebus
10.Mee Siam
11.Rice Noodles in Beef Soup
12.Noodles in Prawn Soup
13.Fried Rice Noodles
14.Tauhu Goreng
15.Laksa Lemak
16.Penang Laksa
17.Chicken Rice
18.Siamese Laksa Lemak

1. Pork Ribs in Sweet & Sour Sauce
2. Hati Babi Bungkus
3. Satay Babi
4. Babi Pong Tay
5. Baked Gammon with Pineapple
6. Five-spice Rolls
7. Braised Pork in Soya Sauce
8. Barbecued Pork Sparerib
9. Roast Pork Strips
10.Streaky Pork in Dark Soya Sauce
11.Mutton Kurmah
12.Mutton in Tomato Curry
13.Braised Mutton Ribs
14.Braised Beef in Dark Soya Sauce
15.Beef Rendang
16.Beef Curry
17.Beef Serondeng
18.Sliced Beef Steak
19.Fillet Steak
20.Fillet Steak - Greek-style
21.Grilled Pepper Steak
22.Beef Brisket

1. Steamed Stuffed Duck
2. Braised Duck
3. Diced Chicken with Toasted Almonds
4. Chicken in the Basket
5. Seven-minute Crispy Chicken
6. Paper-wrapped Chicken
7. Braised Chicken
8. Almond Chicken
9. Spring Chicken
10.Chicken Stew
11.Chicken in Tomato Curry
12.Lemon Curried Chicken
13.Ayam Tempra
14.Ayam Sioh
15.Ayam Buah Keluak
16.Enche Kebin
17.Ayam Kleo
18. Chicken Adobh

1. Crabmeat in Milk Sauce
2. Baked Crabs
3. Crab Ommelette
4. Tomato Chilled Crabs
5. Fried Chillied Cuttlefish
6. Spicy Cockles
7. Chillied King Prawns
8. Butterfy Prawns
9. Prawns with Cashew Nuts
10.Prawns in Soya Sauce
11.Tempura Prawns
12.Udang Kuah Pedas Nenas
13.Sambal Tempe
14.Sambal Udang
15.Sambal Udang Kering Goreng
16.Ikan Masak Assam Pekat
17.Ikan Masak Kuah Lada
18.Ikan Terobok Goreng
19.Ikan Masak Pedas
20.Assam Gulai
21.Sambal Lengkong
22.Steamed Pomfret
23.Sweet & Sour Fish
24.Fish Head Curry

Rice & Noodles
1. Nasi Lemak Kukus
2. Nasi Lemak
3. Nasi Kunyit
4. Nasi Kuning
5. Nasi Lontong
6. Nasi Pilau
7. Flavoured Chicken Rice
8. Fried Rice
9. Fried Noodles
10. Fried 'Mah Mee - Nonya-style
11. Steamed Glutinous Rice
12. Chicken Congee
13. Hokkien Fried Noodles
14. Pork Congee

1. Soto Ayam
2. Chicken & Macaroni Soup
3. Chicken & Corn Soup
4. Stuffed Chicken Soup
5. Tripe Soup
6. Spicy Sparerib Consomme
7. Itek Tim
8. Pong Tauhu Soup
9. Stuffed Cuttlefish Soup
10. Shark's Fin Soup
11. Sop Kambing

Vegetables, Chilli Paste & Pickles
1. Apple & Potato Salad
2. Salad- Nonya-style
3. Sayor Loday
4. Sambal Kangkong
5. Kachang Panjang Masak Lemak
6. Rebong Masak Lemak
7. Chop Suey
8. Sambal Blachan
9. Hot Chilli Sauce
10.Dried Chilli Paste
11.Mixed Vegetable Pickle
12.Salt Fish Pickle
13.Penang Achar
14.Kelapa Goreng

1. Bubor Cha-Cha
2. Chendol
3. Talam Agar-Agar
4. Almond Jelly
5. Lotus Seed Fluff
6. Groundnut Creme
7. Baked Caramel Egg Custard
8. Golden Castle Pudding
9. Coconut Candy
10.Ice Cream
11.Cocoa Custard

Western Cakes
1. Hints for Cakes
2. Rich Butter Cake
3. Orange Butter Cake
4. Banana Cake
5. Cherry Cake
6. Pound Cake
7. Walnut Cake
8. Coffee Walnut Cake
9. Coffee Sponge Sandwich
10.Chocolate Chiffon Cake
11.Rich Chocolate Cake
12.Chocolate Butter Icing
13.Ginger Cake
14.Rich Fruit Cake
15.Christmas Cake
16.Rich Butter Cream
17.Butter Cream
18.Swiss Roll
19.Rose Marie Cake
20.Semolina Cake
21.Mixed Spice

Biscuits, Pies & Pastries
1. Helpful Hints for Biscuits, Pies & Pastries
2. Almond Oat Biscuits
3. Butter Almond Biscuits
4. Special Almond Biscuits
5. Almond Raisin Rock Cookies
6. Sponge Fingers
7. Coconut Biscuits
8. Semolina Biscuits
9. Semolina Crunchies
10.Melting Moments
11.Cat's Tongues
12.Spritches Butter Biscuits
13.Custard Tartlets
14.Pineapple-shaped Tarts
15.Pineapple 'Open' Tarts
16.Beef Curry Puffs
17.Cream Puffs/Chocolate Eclairs
18.American Doughnuts

1. Danish Raisin Rolls
2. Sweet Corn Fritters
3. Rich Ginger Bread
4. Buns for Braised Pork
5. Bun Susi

1. Minced Pork & Prawn Toast
2. Cheese Toast
3. Rissoles
4. Kueh Pie Tee

Meat Savouries
1. Stuffed Mushrooms
2. Steamed Beef Balls
3. Deep-fried Bananas
4. Kueh Kuria
5. Steamed Radish Cake
6. Cheese Straws

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

大马美食Malaysia Gourmet written by Amy Wong

大马美食Malaysia Gourmet written by Amy Wong
1. Crispy Chilli Sauce
2. Squid & Water Convolvulus Chilli Sauce
3. Belacan Chilli Sauce
4. Hun Sauce
5. Kuih Tew Gia Chilli Sauce
6. Dumplings Chilli Sauce
7. Lam Mee Dipping Chilli Sauce
8. Saw Tooth Coriander Dipping Sauce
9. Chopped Basil with Ginger Dipping Sauce
10. Chicken Dipping Sauce
11. Keropok Dipping Sauce
12. Nyonya Spring Roll Dipping Chilli Sauce

1. Fried Yam Abacus
2. Steamed Stuffed Crab Surprise
3. Fried Radish Cake
4. Poached Keropok Fish Cake
5. Steamed Crystal Dumplings
6. Squip with Water Convolvulus Appetizers
7. Famous Popiah
8. Kerabu Pig's Ear
9. Chee Cheong Fun Spring Roll
10. Traditional Roasted Duck Feet Parcels
11. Hakka Ho Po Dumplings
12. Special Fried Bai-Guo
13. Nyonya Spring Rolls
14. Deep-fry 5-spice flavour spring rolls
15. Crispy Yam Prawns
16. Muruku
17. Mini Crispy Sesame Balls
18. Fish Meat Bao Jian

Main Course
1. Fried Dried Curry Fish
2. Fried Pork Slices with Petai Beans
3. Steam Crab Claws with ginger & wine
4. Indian Mutton Soup
5. Special Cooked Clams in Stock
6. Kingdow Spare Ribs
7. Terengganu Roasted Curry Chicken
8. Stuffed Squid with Glutinous Rice
9. Kerabu Chicken Drumstick
10. Prawn Rolls with Vegetables
11. Crispy Chinese Broccoli with Dried Squid Shreds
12. Stuffed Squids with Sambal
13. Fried Crabs with Salted Egg Yolk
14. Ayam Golek
15. Home Style Braised Beef (Hoong Siew Ngau Yoke)
16. Indian Chickpea Curry
17. Melaka Laksa
18. Herbal Duck Noodles
19. Traditional Lam Mee
20. Clay pot Lao Su Fen
21. Penang -thai Laksa
22. Kuih Tew Gia
23. Nasi Dagang
24. Nasi Minyak

Sweet Dessert
1. Alkaline Dumpling with Palm Sugar
2. Sweet Glutinous Dumplings with Ground Peanut
3. Kuih Lompang
4. Almond with Gingko Nut & Water Chestnut Dessert
5. Black Sesame Sweet
6. Lotus Seeds with Poached Egg Delight
7. Sweet Corns with Santan Dessert
8. Egg Tea
9. Palm Sugar with Yam Coconut Milk Dessert

Monday, September 18, 2006

马来西亚路边摊Malaysia Hawker Delights

马来西亚路边摊Malaysia Hawker Delights
Publisher: Antz Network

1. Fried Kueh Teow
2. Xin Zhou Fried Meehoon
3. Mamak Mee Goreng
4. Assam Laksa
5. Chicken Curry Noodles
6. Flat Egg Noodles
7. Loh Mee
8. Malay style Mee Rebus
9. Prawn Noodles
10. Fried Kueh Teow in Creamy Egg Sauce
11. Lam Mee
12. Wan Tan Mee
13. Herbal Duck Noodles
14. Seafood Meehoon
15. Claypot Lao Shu Fen
16. Hot Plate Yee-Mee
17. Fish Head Meehoon
18. Fried Hokkien Mee
19. Bean Sprout Chicken
20. Tom Yam Meehoon
21. Kueh Teow with Fishball
22. Braised Pig's Offal Noodles
23. Chicken Rice Hainanese Style
24. Clay-pot Chicken Rice
25. Nasi Lemak
26. Spicy Balitong
27. Bak Kut Teh
28. Soong Yee Fish-head Curry
29. Grilled Fish & Grilled Fish Sauce
30. Otak-Otak
31. Fried Oyster Omelette
32. Satay & Satay Sauce
33. Five-spice Loh Bak
34. Popiah
35. Yong Taufu
36. Indian Rojak
37. Cuttlefish & Kangkong Salad
38. Paper-wrapped Chicken
39. Traditional Salted-baked Chicken
40. Herbal Chicken
41. Siew Pau
42. Curry Puffs
43. Kuih Angku
44. Kuih Talam
45. Seri Muka
46. Ketayap
47. Onde Onde
48. Steamed Yam Cake
49. Coconut Tarts
50. Bubur Chacha

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Health Promotion Program - Heart Health Omega-3

On 2/09/06, this my 2nd time attending the Health Promotion Program, the week program is about Heart Health Omega 3. Refer HPB Program @ cairnhill cc

Health eating

Diet moderate in total fat
- low in saturated fat & dietary cholesterol
- include fatty fish in diet

Eat variety of fruits & vegetables
- 2 servings of fruit & 2 servings of vegetables

Include wholegrains in your daily diet
- at least one serving of wholegrain food

Omega - 3
- Regular fish consumption (2 servings a week) helps to protect against heart disease

- Good sources are oily fishes such as Mackerel, Sardines, Salmon, Tuna

- Choose healthier cooking methods such as steaming, grillng or baking

HCC (healthier Choice) products are:

LOWER in fat, saturated fat, sodium, sugar

HIGER in dietary fibre, calcium

Veggie Tuna Delight

Tuna Noodles with teriyaki & green

Chilli Salmon steak with fried fresh mushroom & snow peas