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培梅创意家常菜 Creative Chinese Home Dishes

培梅创意家常菜 Creative Chinese Home Dishes - 80 recipes

1. Two ways Chicken Wings
2. Minced Chicken with Pop Rice
3. Sweet & Sour Flower Shaped Chicken
4. Mold Chicken with Orange Sauce
5. Chicken & Pine Nuts in Gold Cups
6. Curry Chicken, Portuguese Style
7. Chicken & Dried Lily Flower with Fermented Bean Seasonings
8. Boneless Chicken with Oyster Sauce
9. Tri-Color Duck Roll
10. Frog's Legs with Sweet Soybean
11. Pork with Red Rice Sauce
12. Pine Nuts & Pork in Silver Sticks
13. Fried Spareribs, Jing-du Style
14. Deep Fried Bells with Assorted Ingredients
15. Quick Stir Fried Lamb, Double Flavours
16. Beef Spareribs with Sha-cha Sauce
17. Beef Rolls
18. Beef Pie, Chinese Style
19. Curry Beef with Assorted Vegetables
20. Chinese Hamburger with Green Onion
21. Pan Stewed Beef
22. Lobster with Mayonnaise Sauce
23. Deep Fried Mung Beans Thred in Casserole
24. Deep Fried Prawns with Egg Yolk Batter
25. Stewed Shrimps with Brown Sauce
26. Prawn Shreds with Mustard Sauce
27. Phoenix Tail Prawns
28. Crispy Shrimp Rolls
29. Stewed Shark's Fins with Chicken Shreds
30. Shark's Fins in Pomegranate Shape
31. Mold Abalone & Ham
32. Braised Abalone Slices with Bamboo Mushroom
33. Steamed Scallops with Green Onion & Ginger
34. Fresh Scallops & Baby Corn
35. Fried Scallop Cake
36. Double Squid in Golden Plate
37. Blanched Fresh Squid
38. Squid, Shrimp with Fruits
39. Curry Flavoured Crab in Casserole
40. Crispy Crab with Salt & Pepper
41. Spicy Sea Cucumber
42. Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Chicken
43. Butterfly fish
44. Fish in Fish's Boat
45. Deep-fried Salmon Balls
46. Steamed Salmon with Meat Sauce
47. Deep Fried Fish Sandwich
48. Two Ways Fish
49. Braised Fish with Mushrooms
50. Four Flavours Fish
51. Crispy Fish with Assorted Strings
52. Baked Salmon in Silver Package
53. Stir Fried Fish Strips, Homestyle
54. Stuffed Bean Curd balls with crab
55. Crispy Bean Curd Balls
56. Sweet & Sour Bean Curd
57. Bean Curd Treasure Boxes
58. Fried Crispy Packages
59. Crispy Minced Bean Curd
60. Deep Fried Stuffed Eggs
61. Steamed Egg with Clams
62. Stuffed Shrimp in Bean Curd Cake
63. Smoked Vegetarian Goose
64. King-Hwa Ham & Vegetables
65. Asparagus in Bacon Rolls
66. Jade Squash with Crispy Sole
67. Deep-Fried Vegetables Skewers
68. Mold Scallop with Four Kinds of Vegetables
69. Broccoli Salad with Assorted Dressing
70. Assorted Ingredients with Bean Paste
71. Bamboo Shoot Bundles
72. Tri-Color Mushrooms
73. Lotus Root's Cake, Szechuan Style
74. Assorted Vegetable Salad
75. Vegetable Salad Rolls
76. String Beans with Szechuan Sauce
77. String Beans with Meat Sauce
78. Snow Peas Cream Soup
79. Chicken Strings with Snow Peas
80. Crispy Vegetarian Rolls

Nutritious soup for karen

Book 1 - Nutritious Soups for my dearest Karen
Book 2 - Selected Recipes for my Karen

Yummy Soups & Dishes

Yummy Soups & Dishes - Bilingual Edition by Phang Fah & Alan Kok
18 Home-style Nutritious Soups, 22 Double-boiled Soups with Love, 22 Easy Dishes with Chinese Herbs, 5 Quick & Easy Herbal Dishes

Homestyle Nutritious Soups
Mutton & Old Ginger Soup
Pepper Root with Pig's Stomach & Chicken Feet Soup
Black Bean & Mud Fish Soup
Small Red Bean & Sole Black Garlic Soup
Dried Fig & Pig's Tail Soup
Lotus Root & Pig's Tail Soup
Winter Melon & Spare Rib Soup
Fresh Huai Shan & Carrot Soup
Sweet Corn & Snow Fungus Soup
Hairy Gourd with Meat & Egg Soup
Qing Bu Liang Pork Soup
Pork with Barley & Huai Shan Soup
Wild Ge Leaves & Lohan Gou Soup
Salted Fish Head with Dried Vegetable Soup
Aloe Vera & Spare Rib Soup
Herbal Pigeon Soup
Dried Top Shell Meat & Huai Shan Soup
Herbal Old Chicken with Dried Top Shell Meat Soup

Double-boiled Soups with Love
Double-boiled Sea-cucumber & Chicken Soup
Sea Coconut & Chicken Soup
Double-boild Fish Maw & Dried Scallop Soup
Double-boiled Fish Maw & Chicken Soup
Fresh Ginseng & Chicken Soup
Double-boiled Superior Mixed Dried Seafood Soup
Black Chicken & Shou Wu Soup
Herbal Chicken in Old Coconut Soup
Cordyceps & Black Chicken Soup
Cordyceps Chicken Essence
Double-boiled Herbal Chicken Soup
Duck with Shi Chuan Soup
Tonic Soup for Men
Tian Qi & Spare Ribs Soup
Chicken & Snow Fungus in Winter Melon
Green Apple with Almond & Spare Rib Soup
Shen Xu with Apple & Chicken Soup
Bei Qi & Fish Soup
Burdock & Spare Rib Soup
Tang Shen & Spare Rib Soup
Duck with Preserved Mustard Soup
Bittergourd, Lotus Seeds & Frog Soup

Easy Dishes with Chinese Herbs
Easy Roasted Herbal Chicken
Pan-fried Chicken in Wine
Fish Maw with Scallops & Chicken
Drunken Ginseng Chicken
Fresh Huai Shan with Leek & Chicken in Clay Pot
Stewed Chicken with Herbs
Stewed Duck with Shou Di
Stewed Duck with Eight Treasures
Stewed Duck with Chuan Gong & Dang Gui
Stewed Pig's Trotter with Chong Cao
Assorted Mushrooms in Pig Stomach
Stewed Pig's Trotter with Dang Gui
Braised Herbal Spare Ribss
Crispy Char Xiu
Spare Ribs in Red Date Gravy
Stewed Meaty Spare Rib with Mixed Spices
Spare Ribs with Mixed Spices
Braised Fish with Fennel Seed & Garlic
Tian Ma Fish Hea
Fried Salty Prawns with Gan Cao
Shan Zha Fish
Drunken Frog & Tunghoon in claypot

5 Quick & Easy Herbal Dishes
Meat Balls in (Shi Chuan) Herbal Stock
Stewed Chicken with Ba Zhen
Blood Nourishing Salted Chicken
Stewed Pork Belly with Mixed Herbs
Stewed American Ginseng with Chicken

Monday, October 09, 2006

坐月食谱Confinement Cookbook

美味风采- 坐月食谱Confinement Cookbook - 53 dishes by Feminine Magazine

Traditional Confinement

Scallop Porridge(Breakfast)
Fried Ginger Rice(Breakfast)
Soup of Mee Suah(Breakfast)
Chicken with Ginger & Wine (Lunch & Dinner)
Black Vinegar Shank (Lunch & Dinner)
Pearl Chicken (Lunch & Dinner)
Basil Meat with Ginger & Wine (Lunch & Dinner)
Steam Cod Fish with Ginger & Wine (Lunch & Dinner)
Mesentery Soup with Dang Gui & Pepper (Lunch & Dinner)
Carp Soup With Papaya (Lunch & Dinner)
Lemon Grass Chicken Soup (Lunch & Dinner)
Stewed Black Silky Chicken Soup (Supper)

Fried Rice Soup
Mei Cai Braised Meat
Dang Gui Soup in Coconut
Shallot Pork Maw Soup
Stewed Chicken with Dom & Ginger

Steamed Fish with Jizi
Chicken Soup with Herbs
Chicken Wine with Egg
Shank with Vinegar & Ginger
Stir-fried Kidney with Dom & Sesame oil

Braised Shank with Fuzhou Red Wine
Fried Eggs with Fuzhou Red Wine
Fish with Fuzhou Red Wine
Fuzhou Fermented Wine Rice Chicken
Stir-fried Kai Lan with Ginger Juice

Mua U Nui (Sesame Oil Egg Omelette)
Nasi Ulam (Salted Herbed Rice)
Tau U Kay (Sesame Oil Chicken)
Gulai Tumis (Curry Pomfret)
Ulam-Ulam (Salted Kurau Fish with chilli)

Nutritious Confinement
Liver Spinach (Lunch, Dinner)
Steam Cod Fish (Lunch,Dinner)
Crab Meat Broccoli (Lunch, Dinner)
Stir-fried Gynura(chan choy) with Sesame oil (Lunch, Dinner)
Lamb Soup with Mugwort(Ai ye) (Lunch, Dinner)
Black Silky Chicken Soup (Supper)
Kidney Du Zhong Soup (Lunch, Dinner)
Ribs in Herbs Soup (Lunch, Dinner)
Stewed Shank with Nuts & Dates (Lunch, Dinner)
Shi Quan Da Bu Soup (Supper)
Floating Egg in Longan Soup (Dessert)
Stir-fried Chicken with Sesame oil & Ginger
Sesame Kidney
Drunken Prawn
Steamed Fish with Ginger
Mixed Brown Rice with Green Peas
Brown Rice with Black Sesame Gruel

Vegetarian Confinement
Turmeric Brown Rice Ball
Ginger Appetizer
Pumpkin Chinese Spinach Soup
Stewed Marrow with Ginger
Basil Rolls
Pancake of Ginger & Kelp
Tom Yam Fish Fillet
Perfect 10 Lu Wei
Multiple Kai Lan Stem
Ginger Enzyme Syrup & Wine Soup
Ginger Enzyme
Red Dates Soup
Trio Dates Tian Qi Soup
Qi Recovery Soup
Soup In Coconut
Ai Ye Soup
Papaya Soup
Kidney Fortify Soup
Mock Pork Maw Soup
Ginger & Vinegary Beans

Confinement Snacks
Crispy Ginger Cookies
Chinese Herbal Cake
Pitta Bread
French Peaches Pudding
Ginger Pancake
Baked Egg with Creamy Brocooli
Healthy Herbs Bread
Baked Red Wine Chicken Burger

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yum Yum 新新饮食 44th Issue


Alan Kok Cook Ideas
Stewed Spare Ribs & Pineapple
Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts
Fish Fillet In Sour Orange Gravy
Stewed Spicy Duck with Shallots
Stewed Lamb Ribs with Herbs
Crispy Stewed Pork Belly
Yi Mee with Braised Pork Belly
Pork Belly with Five Spices Beancurd

Mr Lee Kitchen
Deep-fried Chicken with Crispy Chopped Ginger
Aromatic Spicy Prawns

Old Time Favourite
Crispy Dried Prawn & Cuttlefish
Fish Maw Mushroom Soup
Thai Style Crispy Tofu
Thai Style Teochew Steamed Fish
Stir-fried Kai Lan with Salted Fish
Pan-fried Honey Black Pepper Chicken

Mooncake Festive
Mooncake Golden Syrup
Mango Lotus Paste Mooncakes
Mini Mooncake with Pandan Coconut Filling
Chendol Agar-agar Mooncakes
Mixed Nuts Agar-agar Mooncakes
Mixed Fruit Agar-agar Mooncakes

Easy Home Cooking
Tom Yam Chicken Balls
Deep-fried Carrot & French Bean Meat Balls
Braised Black Mushroom Meat Balls
Dried Cuttlefish Meat Balls
Preserved Mui Choy Meat Balls
Preserved Dong Cai & Fish Balls Soup
Sausage Meat Balls

Agnes Cooking Class
Fish Crackers
Lekor (East Coast Fish Crackers)
Fish Noodles
Fish Paste & Mixed Vegetables Rolls

Nyonya Flavours
Ayam Bon Teh
Salted Fish Acar (Acar Kiam Hu)
Lim & Turmeric Rice
Sambal Sotong
Crispy Prawn Fritters
Double Layered Coconut Agar-agar
Sour Lemongrass Drink

New Chefs New Tastes
Hong kong Style ABC (Borscht)
Creamy Seafood Gravy with Fried Rice
Radish Soup Noodles
Pork Chop Buns
Tomato & Egg Gravy Rice with Pork Chop
Brown Rice Noodles with Chicken Chop
Creamy Seafood Soup
Baked Cheese & Curry Rice

Fantastic Food
Shanghai Salted Chicken
Spring Onion Omelette Pancake
Corn & Waterchestnut Drink

Vegetarian Column
Pickles Yambean
Appetizing Mixed Vegetables Pickle
Pickled Radish & Carrot
Beetroot Pickle
Pickled Fresh Button Mushrooms with Parsley
Fresh Shiitake Mushroom Pickles

Prize Recipe from Reader
Pan-fried Szechuan Peppercorn Chicken

Baking Corner
Orange Souffle
Toblerone Chocolate Souffle
Cream Cheese Souffle
Cheese Liquer Souffle
Sour Sup Cream Cake
Black Currant Mousse Cake
Apple Cheese Chiffon Cake
Hot White Chocolate Sauce In Orange Pudding

Friday, October 06, 2006

美味芝士蛋糕Yummy Cheesecakes - by Kelly Tang

美味芝士蛋糕Yummy Cheesecakes - by Kelly Tang
Its a perfect cheesecake cookbook for beginners.

1. Baking Tips on Sugar Dough Crust & Biscuit Crust
2. Baked Strawberry Cheesecake
3. Bananarama Cheesecake
4. Blueberry Cheesecake
5. Apple Pie Cheesecake
6. Mango Macadamia Cheesecake
7. Jackfruit Cheesecake
8. Pineapple Cheesecake
9. Apricot Cheesecake
10.Orange Sour Cream Topped Cheesecake
11.Orange & Chocolate Chips Cheesecake
12.Baked Lime Cheesecake
13.Citrus Cheesecake
14.Lemon Curd Cheesecake
15.Double Cheesy Cheesecake
16.Cookie & Cream Cheesecake
17.Chocolate Feather-Patterned Cheesecake
18.Black & White Chocolate Cheesecake
19.Almond Crumble Cheesecake
20.Creamy Sweet Corn Cheesecake
21.Yam Cheesecake
22.Velvety Honey Cheesecake
23.Rum & Raisin Cheesecake
34.Bailey Coffee Cheesecake
35.Caramel Cheesecake
36.Creamy Coconut Cheesecake
37.Orange Cheese Dome
38.Cream Cheese & Mixed Fruit Butter Cake
39.Prune Cheese Pound Cake
40.Carrot Cheesecake
41.Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake
42.Tiramisu Torte
43.Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake
44.Pandan Cheese Chiffon Cake
45.Honey Cheese Swiss Roll
46.Mocha Light Cheesecake
47.Cotton Cheesecake
48.Poppy Seeds Cheese Cup Cakes
49.Chocolate Chips Cheese Muffins

Thursday, October 05, 2006

名食谱Famous Cuisine no. 40 (Sept-Oct 2006)

名食谱Famous Cuisine no. 40
Amy Recipes
Spices & Cinnamon Braised Chicken
Simmered Chicken Drumstick with Fermented Salted Soy Beans
Mashed Ginger Salted Chicken Drumstick
Fried Chillies Chicken Drumstick
Onion & Orange Chicken Drumstick
Dang Gui Chicken Drumstick in Aluminium Foil

Country Style Dish
Steamed Minced Pork with Fermented Black Beans & Salted Fish
Simmered Chicken with Salted Bean Paste & Potatoes in Country style
Braised Duck & Beancurd Sheet in Country Style
Steamed Fish's Intestines & Liver with Egg

One Week Dishes
Vietnamese Fried Prawns
Spices Butter Spare
Steamed Kampong Chicken with Feremented Black Beans & Wine
Chillies & Ginger Chicken Wings in Oyster Sauce
Chicken Chop with Peanut Onion Sauce
Burmese Hot Chilli Pork
BBQ Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

Almond Amazing
Strawberry Sweety
Lemon Laddish
Doudle Duet
White Worthy
Kiwi Kindle
Chocolate Cutie
Pistachio Pretty

Puteri Ayu
Coconut Spong Cup Cakes
Marble Mini Cup Cakes
Sweet Potatoes with Lotus Paste Cup Kuih
Sago with Coconut Cup Kuih
Banana Custard Cup Kuih with coconut shreds

Vegetarian Stock
Cold Noodles in Thai Style
Preserved Mustard with Organic Dou Qian Noodles
Shan Yao Noodles
Dried Lily with Spinach Noodles Soup
Pumpkin Noodles with Seaweed & Sha Cha Sauce

S.K. Lee Snack
Glutinous Balls with Green Bean Flour
Custard Pudding
Peanut Blueberry Bao
Deep-fry Crispy Dumplings
Chrysanthemum Fatt Goh
Chicken Floss Pancake

Duck Salad with Plum Sauce
Crab Salad with Fruits
Carrot Juice Poach Fish Fillet
Red Dragon Fruit Sauce
Fried Mushrooms Combinations
Red Dates Sauce
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Lamb with Dates Sauce & Dragon Fruits Sauce

Sea Cucumber with Squids Thick Soup
Seaweed with Dried Scallop Thick Soup
Bamboo Shoots with Fish Cakes Thick Soup
Spinach with Prawns Thick Soup
Winter Melon with Fish Head Thick Soup

Special Features
Hainanese Wen Chang Chicken Rice
Chilli Dipping Sauce
Ginger & Coriander Dipping Sauce

Korea Features
Zucchini Kimchi
Village Style Korean Kimchi
Claypot Tuna Kimchi Soup
Stir Fry Kimchi with Pork Belly Slices
Hot Plate Kimchi

New Dishes
Braised Spare Ribs with Lemon & Pineapples
Fried Pork Shreds with Crispy Prawn Chilli
Chicken with Mushroom & Baby Corns
Crispy Pork Slices with Onion & Garlic
Minced Pork with Szechuan Pickled Mustard & Bean Sprouts
Fried Chicken Drumstick with Crispy Prawn Chilli & Gingers
Fried Yam with Red Cabbages & Prawns

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Y3K 美厨食谱Recipes No. 32 (Sept-Oct 2006)

Y3K 美厨食谱Recipes No. 32
Set-meals for your family
1. Herbs & Double Dates Soup
2. Ginger Spring Onion Fried with Pork
3. Honey Chicken
4. Brinjals & Dried Shrimps Spicy Topping
5. Dehydrated Lalang Roots & Sugar Cane Soup
6. Foo Chook Braised with Belly Pork
7. Onions Fried with Ikan Billis
8. Red-cooked Beancurd
9. Ham Choy Roasted Pig's Trotter Soup
10.Tong Choy Steamed Minced Pork
11.Appetizing Preserved Ginger Chicken
12.Stir-fried Green with Foo Yee

The Master's Touch
13.Chocolate Cream
14.White Chocolate Sauce
15.Custard Milk
16.Bread Pudding White Chocolate Sauce
17.Briayani Prawn with Ghee Rice
18.Chicken Tikka
19.French Toast

Let's Eat At Home
20.Mattled Flower Crabmeat with Steamed Eggs
21.Black Beans Braised with Pig's Trotter
22.Assam Prawns
23.Tempoyak Masak Ikan
24.Stuffed Sotong

Meat Flavours Of The Orient
25.Szechuan Twice-cooked Pork
26.Honey Sauce Char Siew
27.Five Spice Meaty Rolls
28.Fragrant Saucy Ribs

Mooncakes Fantasy
29.Watermelon Cocount Milk Jelly Mooncake
30.Honeydew Melon Jelly Mooncake
31.Grape Juice Yoghurt Jelly Mooncake

Home-made Mooncakes
32.Golden Syrup
33.Sweeten Bean Paste
34.Mooncake Skin
35.Single Yolk Lotus Paste Mooncake
36.Mixed Nuts Mooncake
37.Pingpi Mooncake
38.Teochew Mooncake

Royal Chef vs Celebrity Chef
39.Gulai Assam Ikan Patin
40.Cabbage Chicken Salad
41.Chicken Tomato Delight
42.Bubur Lambok
43.Spiced Rice
44.Steamed Spicy Fish

Knead & Stretch Movements
45.Cheese Onion Scones
46.Healthy Bread Rolls
47.Wheat Germ Bread

Baking Inspirations
48.Yam Rolls
49.Wholemeal Bread
50.Cheese Tarts
51.Apple Pie
52.Rich Walnuts Cake
53.Chocolate Brownies
54.Moist Chocolate Cake

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kitchen Talk 1 - Baking Talk by Julia Tan


Basic Biscuit Paste
Basic Swiss Roll Cake
Basic Sponge Cake
Colourful Volcano Cake
Red Bean Layer Cake
Strawberry Marshmallow Cake
Pudding Cake
Blue Berry Cheese Cake
Corn Jelly Cake
Banana Cake
Sweet Potato Pie
Chestnut Boats
Sour Cream Cherry Slice
Golden Wheel Bread
Coco Raisin Bun
Pizza Bread
Bak Kut Tea Peach Shaped Dumplings
Happiness Kueh
Tofu Fuji Kueh
Pyramid Glutinous Cake
Red Bean Glutinous Cake
Maurchi Biscuit
Pineapple Roll
Almond Cookies
Bee Comb Sesame Crisp
Florentine Slice (cornflakes)
Golden Ingot Pudding
Log & Mushroom Agar Agar
Multi-colour Cloud Agar Agar
Gui-Ling Gao
Almond Pudding
Soft Candy Agar Agar
Happy Birthday Agar Agar
Happy Clown Agar Agar

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wendy Kor Baking Recipes - Cakes' Talk

蛋糕-许哓翠烘焙小站Wendy Kor Baking Recipes - Cakes' Talk

Sponge Cakes

Basic Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake Mix
Black Forest Cake
Mocha Cake
Cappuccino Cake
Blueberry Birthday Cake
Carrot Cake
Jelly Fruit Topped Cake
Longan Cake
Party Cake
Vegetarian Apricot Cake
Prune Cake
Cashew Nut Nestum Cake
Chicken Floss Roll
Pandan Layer Cake
Yam Layer Cake
Banana Muffin

Butter Cakes
Basic Butter Cake
American Chocolate Cake
Durian cake
Coconut Cake
Zebra Cake
Blueberry Butter Cake
Marble Cake
Mixed Fruit Cake
Almond Cake
Black Date Cake
Steamed Fruit Cake
Banana Butter Cake
Vegetarian Raisin Cake
Orange Poppy Seed Muffin
Prune Layer Cake
Chocolate Chip Muffin

Chiffon Cakes
Basic Chiffon Cake
Rainbow Angel Cake
Strawberry Birthday Cake
Tropical Fruit Cake
Yam Cake
Milo Cake
Banana Chocolate Cake
Moist Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Fair Ladies Cake
Green Tea Chiffon Cake
Peanut Butter Roll

Cheese & Mousse Cakes
Basic Cotton Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Base
Green Tea Cheese Cake
Blueberry Cheese Cake
Double Chocolate Cheese Cake
Cherry Cheese Cake
Cotton Cheese Cake
Chocolate Cheese Mousse Cake
Raspberry Mousse Cake
Kiwi Cake
Passion Fruit Mousse Cake

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cookbook purchase @ Ng Ming Huat JB

click here

Cookbook purchase @ Ng Ming Huat JB

1. Y3K Bread Magic - 60 recipes by Alan Ooi
2. Cakes' Talk - Wendy Kor Baking Recipes
3. Y3K Cheese Layered Cakes - 61 recipes by Vickie Chieng
4. Joy of Baking by Bake with Yen
5. 南洋风味素点 Vegetarian Snack by Ci Xin Vegetarian Food Int'l Cooking Institution
6. Kitchen Talk 1 - Baking Talk by Julia Tan
7. 50道新手绝对成功料理 by 董孟修
8. Spicy Special complied by Wong Kee Sum
9. Chef's Cuisine by Lee Lit Chang
10.Famous Cuisine - Just Roll Up by Mrs Ho