Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Love Recipes

Love Recipes - Our Children's Homemade Favourites" was put together by a group of mums of children with cancer, who are treated at the NUH (National Universtity Hospital), their advisor are Sister Laura Tan & Ms Lim Su Lin, consultant is Chef John See. A collection of their children's favourite 80 dishes, comes in this handy A5-sized cookbook.This book is on sale at our KKH and NUH Family Support Centres (FSCs).
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For more information, please contact our Family Support Centres at:
KKH FSC Tel: 6297 0203
NUH FSC Tel: 6772 4471

1. Lasagne
2. Steamed Potatoes with Salmon
3. Homemade Pizza
4. Steamed Macaroni with cheese
5. Mee Goreng
6. Mee Siam
7. Macaronic Soup
8. Bolognese Fried Rice
9. Ba-Chang Lazy Rice
10.Pineapple Lazy Rice
11.Yam Lazy Rice
12.Cabbage Lazy Rice
13.Steamed Pearl Rice with Corn & Sausage
14.Vegetarian Chicken Rice
15.Fish Porridge
16.Chicken Briyani
17.Japanese Curry Rice
18.Fried Kway Teow
19.Fried Bee Hoon

1. Fried Fish with Chilli Sauce
2. Stir Fried Prawns
3. Steamed Promfret
4. Fried Lime Chicken
5. Spicy Chicken
6. Semur Daging
7. Dark Sauce Kampung Chicken
8. Char Siew
9. Chives Dumplings
10. Beef Potato Patties
11. Chicken Nuggets
12. Potato Nuggets
13. Steamed Fish & Vegetable Nuggets with cheese
14. Curry Vegetables
15. Braised Mushrooms
16. Scrambled Egg with Broccoli
17. Steamed Silky Egg
18. Braised Tea Egg
19. Cheese Carrot Egg
20. Cabbage Omelette
21. Baked Cheese Toufu
22. Masala Vadai
23. Garlic Bread

1. Carrot Soup
2. Corn with Pork Ribs Soup
3. Tumeric Chicken Soup
4. Homemade Fishball Soup
5. Spinach, Tofu & Egg Soup
6. Yellow Pumpkin & Spinach Soup
7. Double-boiled Soup
8. Chicken Soup
9. Mixed Vegetables & Chicken Soup
10. Potato & Spinach Soup
11. Beetroot Soup

Snack, Dessert & Drink
1. Tuna Sandwich
4.Fried Crackers with filling
5.Chocolate Brownies
6.Sweet Potatoes Recipes
8.Chocolate Pudding
9.Chilled Water Chestnut Dessert
10.Chestnut Porridge
11.Fungus Dessert
12.Fungus Porridge
13.Red Bean Soup
14.Green Bean Soup
15.Green Bean Barley Dessert
17.Peanut Butter Snack Spread
18.Fortified Milk
19.Banana Milkshake
20.High-Protein Milkshake
21.Fruit Energizer Drink
22.ABC Juice
23.Beetroot Drink
24.Almond Drink
25.Soya Bean Drink
26.Chrysanthemum Drink
27.Winter Melon Drink