Saturday, June 24, 2006

Meme: 10 Things I Miss of Mum's Cooking

I was tagged by hoangtam/tt with this MEME.

1. Curry Chicken - my mum version is abit of typical chinese style with the smell of dried shrimps, thick yellowish red gravy.

2. Dumpling - the Dumpling comes with sweet bean paste filling, chestnut, meat, very tasty, which cant buy from anywhere.

3. Pink Png Kueh - comes with savoury bean paste filling with a lot of pepper.

4. Steam eggs cake - normally 1 day b4 chinese new year, she will manually use a whisk to mix abt 10 eggs with flour and sugar then send them to steam, after steaming will check the cake got open mouth or just flat flat, very pang tan on this issue.

5. Mee kia with egg - If there is a member having birthday on that day, she will cook mee kia soup with sugar then add a egg in a pot for everyone to eat.

6. Egg skin with fish paste filling - this is a normal soup in the family, she will fry the egg skin then put in the fish paste or minced pork filling then add tang hoon and fishball to cook as soup for dinner.

7. Stingray with spicy black beans - you cant find this dish anywhere, its my favourite goes well with black soya sauce.

8. Fried kueh teow mee - every saturday or sunday, she will fry kueh teow with yellow noodles with beansprouts together with sweet black sauce for whole family breakfast.

9. Bittergourd with spicy black beans - this dish is my father favourite, she will fry it with 3-layer pork as a side dish for dinner.

10.Taukwa with pork - this dish is also my kids favourite, taukwa with pork goes well with a little of dark soya sauce.

This MEME makes me miss my mum dishes, she only depend on her memory but never note down, all on agar-agar estimation. Some dishes look simple, but its very yummy to me.

Thank you tt for tagged me, which make me recalled those were the days of my mum' dishes i have tasted and enjoyed.

Hereby i pass these MEME to Ellena Mummy, joyce, Edith.


Puspha said...

Very delicious list!!!!

Edwin Lee said...

Yum Yum!!

Edwin Lee said...

yum yum !!