Monday, July 07, 2008

Curry Flavour by Patsie Cheong

Just got this book from Popular West Mall @ discount price of $9.90 (U.P. $12.90)
this book was on promotion from 4/7/08 to 20/7/08.

Its comprise of Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand Curry Flavour.

Inside the cookbook, got a brief introduction of Patsie Cheong operating a cooking centre in Petaling Jaya named Gobests Food Cooking Centre, she had train students from various part of the country.

Introduction of Basic Curry Paste on:
Malaysian Curry Paste
Malaysian Sambal Paste
Indonesian Curry Paste
Indonesian Sambal Paste
Indian Curry Paste
Indian Kurma Curry Paste
Thai Chill in Fish Sauce Paste
Thai Spicy Chilli Paste

Good to know more abt ingredient on various kind of curry paste.

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