Friday, January 16, 2009

ESS - Initiative & Enterprise & Ess - Problem Solving & Decision Making

Mr Subash Pillay

Would like to say a 'BIG' thank you to Mr Subash Pillay who trains us on this course, learning to be more innovative and enterprising with my group of friends from every part of Singapore in January 15/1, 16/1 2009.

Day 1 - CAB
Character : depend on family background, upbringing
Attitude: towards things happens
Behaviour: Reaction

Day 2 - PSOI
Perception: Think why always things goes against you on a 'down-day'
Selection: Selective at wat we seek
Organsation: Assumption
Interpretation: link to what had happen earlier

Ess - Problem Solving & Decision Making 23/4 & 24/4

2 Full day training on this program wasnt easy but with a group of enthusiasm trainer & trainee we finally make it through. The 3 grouping of artistic, logistic and technical ideas break the ice of problem solving and brainstorming into an active subject, no more dull, dry & boring.

Appreciate our Trainer Ms Jessie Lee for teaching us, how to use fishbone diagram and also using Decision Criteria Matrix for solving group's problem.

Everyone of us enjoys this course very much, cos of our trainer bring us a lot of inspiration, encouragement and enjoyment.

We graduate with understanding & knowledge in problem-solving.