Tuesday, September 19, 2006

大马美食Malaysia Gourmet written by Amy Wong

大马美食Malaysia Gourmet written by Amy Wong
1. Crispy Chilli Sauce
2. Squid & Water Convolvulus Chilli Sauce
3. Belacan Chilli Sauce
4. Hun Sauce
5. Kuih Tew Gia Chilli Sauce
6. Dumplings Chilli Sauce
7. Lam Mee Dipping Chilli Sauce
8. Saw Tooth Coriander Dipping Sauce
9. Chopped Basil with Ginger Dipping Sauce
10. Chicken Dipping Sauce
11. Keropok Dipping Sauce
12. Nyonya Spring Roll Dipping Chilli Sauce

1. Fried Yam Abacus
2. Steamed Stuffed Crab Surprise
3. Fried Radish Cake
4. Poached Keropok Fish Cake
5. Steamed Crystal Dumplings
6. Squip with Water Convolvulus Appetizers
7. Famous Popiah
8. Kerabu Pig's Ear
9. Chee Cheong Fun Spring Roll
10. Traditional Roasted Duck Feet Parcels
11. Hakka Ho Po Dumplings
12. Special Fried Bai-Guo
13. Nyonya Spring Rolls
14. Deep-fry 5-spice flavour spring rolls
15. Crispy Yam Prawns
16. Muruku
17. Mini Crispy Sesame Balls
18. Fish Meat Bao Jian

Main Course
1. Fried Dried Curry Fish
2. Fried Pork Slices with Petai Beans
3. Steam Crab Claws with ginger & wine
4. Indian Mutton Soup
5. Special Cooked Clams in Stock
6. Kingdow Spare Ribs
7. Terengganu Roasted Curry Chicken
8. Stuffed Squid with Glutinous Rice
9. Kerabu Chicken Drumstick
10. Prawn Rolls with Vegetables
11. Crispy Chinese Broccoli with Dried Squid Shreds
12. Stuffed Squids with Sambal
13. Fried Crabs with Salted Egg Yolk
14. Ayam Golek
15. Home Style Braised Beef (Hoong Siew Ngau Yoke)
16. Indian Chickpea Curry
17. Melaka Laksa
18. Herbal Duck Noodles
19. Traditional Lam Mee
20. Clay pot Lao Su Fen
21. Penang -thai Laksa
22. Kuih Tew Gia
23. Nasi Dagang
24. Nasi Minyak

Sweet Dessert
1. Alkaline Dumpling with Palm Sugar
2. Sweet Glutinous Dumplings with Ground Peanut
3. Kuih Lompang
4. Almond with Gingko Nut & Water Chestnut Dessert
5. Black Sesame Sweet
6. Lotus Seeds with Poached Egg Delight
7. Sweet Corns with Santan Dessert
8. Egg Tea
9. Palm Sugar with Yam Coconut Milk Dessert

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