Sunday, September 03, 2006

Health Promotion Program - Heart Health Omega-3

On 2/09/06, this my 2nd time attending the Health Promotion Program, the week program is about Heart Health Omega 3. Refer HPB Program @ cairnhill cc

Health eating

Diet moderate in total fat
- low in saturated fat & dietary cholesterol
- include fatty fish in diet

Eat variety of fruits & vegetables
- 2 servings of fruit & 2 servings of vegetables

Include wholegrains in your daily diet
- at least one serving of wholegrain food

Omega - 3
- Regular fish consumption (2 servings a week) helps to protect against heart disease

- Good sources are oily fishes such as Mackerel, Sardines, Salmon, Tuna

- Choose healthier cooking methods such as steaming, grillng or baking

HCC (healthier Choice) products are:

LOWER in fat, saturated fat, sodium, sugar

HIGER in dietary fibre, calcium

Veggie Tuna Delight

Tuna Noodles with teriyaki & green

Chilli Salmon steak with fried fresh mushroom & snow peas

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