Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cooking from A to Z, The Best Of Asian Cooking

2 Cookbooks just arrived from Better World Books

Being a graduate student in biochemistry at Princeton, Patricia Yeo turned her creativity and passion to the kitchen, where she earns a rare 3 stars from The New York Times for her food at the restaurant AZ. She lets us into her secrets of 'fusion home cooking', bringing the world's boldest ingredients together with ease, light, appealing recipes, forget everything about 'serious food' and discover the joy from a new talent who's got the whole food world talking in this extra-ordinary cookbook.

John Mitchell was born and raised in England, had his first taste of genuine Asian food upon arrival in Singapore in 1962, since then he has travelled extensively throughout Asia exploring the food scene with nothing but more than a pleasant pastime, specializing in many varoius regional cuisine for the last 16 yrs, Mr Mitchell had made his home in Hong Kong.

The Best of Asian Cooking were recipes of Asia's leading professional chefs and talented amateur cooks, offer delicious dishes from countries like, Pakistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Burma, Korea, etc.

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