Saturday, September 20, 2008

Olden Tasty Treats, Romancing with Cakes, Fly me to the Moon, Simple Cooking (chinese)

20% discount for these 4 cookbooks

Got these 4 cookbooks from Popular Singapore, the 3 cookbooks are written by malaysian cooks, while last cookbook is translated into chinese, was written by a japanese home-economic teacher in japanese language.


Susy said...


my hubby bought me the "romancing with cakes" book...
I'm kinda puzzled by the recipes which call for "sponge cake mix".
which mix is the book referring to? I guess not the sponge cake recipe printed on the front pages? if not then which? could you kindly enlighten me?


Low said...


u can get the sponge cake mix from shops dat sell ingredients for baking.

i have the book as well.but having problem with how to whip the whipping cream? and within how many minutes the process must be completed? i get watery whipped cream. having problem with hong kong cake recipe too. hope we can share some thoughts,thanks!