Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Now by Karen Yeo

I wanted to buy this book longtime since last year, at last, today i travel all the way to Verve Bar & Bistro, meet Karen Yeo personally, she even signed the book for me.

She recommend me to try cooking the Rendang chicken, must be her favourite dish.

Its a well-written book with ingredients illustration and also guide to measurements, what i like about its the illustrations, something you dun find it common in a cookbook.

Curry chicken
Rendang Chicken
Lamb Rendang
Dark Soya Sauce chicken
Braised Pork Ribs
Sweet & Sour Pork chops

Ketchup Prawns
Sambal Sotong
Assam Fish
Tomato Fish

Lemak Vegetables
Sambal Kang Kong
Chilli Brinjal
Sweet Potato Leaves
Beansprouts with salted fish
Ladies fingers

Rice & noodles:
Fried Rice
Mee Siam
Mee Goreng

This Book is available thru online


Jennifer said...


I saw the author's nanny cooking up the dishes on TV weeks ago but was thinking where to find the book. Thanks for sharing on where to buy it.


Kooihoon kang said...

Karen, I watched the repeat just now, still touch my heart even though watched before, thank you n yr friends. Kang

Colin Q said...

Any where I can buy this book? website no longer there...

Thanks in advance.

Kooihoon kang said...

Karen, 今天看到重播的家常菜,又被感动了,谢谢你们把爱散播出来来。kang

culinary said...

try email to Karen Yeo ( order the book.