Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Cookbook of Tham Yui Kai (Black)

This book was published in 15th January 1988. all colour illustration with recipes.


1. Lucky raw fish
2. A yam-pot with prawns & cashew nuts
3. Almond jelly
4. Aromatic chicken
5. Aromatic chicken wrapped in vegetables roll folder
6. Aromatic potato puffs
7. Aromatic roasted chicken
8. Asam fish's head
9. Baked chicken filled with stuffing
10. Baking ham buns
11. Braised Bean curd with chicken in sauce
12. Chicken oper
13. Chicken shred mixed with jelly fish & ham shreds
14. Chicken soaked with 'mau tai' wine
15. Chicken with oyster sauce in packets
16. Chicken with vegetables & ham
17. Chilli crabs
18. Chilli pomfret
19. Chilli sotong
20. Chilli spanish mackerel
21. Crisp glutinous rice rolls with stuffing
22. Crystal chicken bun
23. Curry chicken without potatoes
24. Curry chicken
25. Curry fish
26. Curry mutton
27. Curry prawns
28. Deep-fried sesame dough dates
29. Delicious Flat-fish dumplings
30. Delicious soya bean curd in crab meat sauce
31. Diced chicken in hot bean sauce
32. Diced chicken with peanut
33. Double cooked pork
34. Dry cooked bamboo shoots
35. Dry cooked french beans
36. Dumplings in bamboo leaves
37. Egg tart
38. Fried beef in oyster sauce
39. Fried chicken meat in hot sauce
40. Fried chicken particles with marcaroni
41. Fried chicken rolls
42. Fried chicken shreds in hot sauce
43. Fried chicken strips rolls
44. Fried chicken with bamboo shoots in coconut sauce
45. Fried chicken with satay gravy
46. Fried crisp duck with taro
47. Fried crisp yam puffs
48. Fried duck meat with pineapple
49. Fried duck shreds with celery
50. Fried fish meat soaked in spice sauce
51. Fried golden coin bean curd in crab meat sauce
52. Fried garoupa in hot sauce
53. Fried Garoupa with asparagus
54. Fried pomfret in fruit sauce
55. Fried pork balls in sauce
56. Fried pork's ribs in hot sauce
57. Fried prawns with egg
58. Fried prawns with lemon sauce
59. Fried prawns with hot sauce
60. Fried sea-cucumber in sauce
61. Fried shrimps a la 'si-chuang'
62. Fried soya bean curd in sauce
63. Fried stuffed 'you tiao'
64. Fried stuffed chicken meat with almond
65. Fried stuffed dried bean curd skin packet
66. Fried tender chicken
67. Fried Tientien cabbage with tri-shreds
68. Glutinous rice ball stuffing with sesame & peanut
69. Glutinous rice dumpling
70. Hot tientsin cabbage in sauce
71. Long-tong mixed vegetable
72. Lotus-nut paste ball
73. Mandarin stewed chicken
74. Mango pudding
75. Moon cakes
76. Mushroom in crab meat sauce
78. Oendai-oendai (ondeh ondeh)
79. Omelette chicken slices
80. 'ping pei' moon cakes
81. Pork chop in delicious sauce
82. Pork with minced garlic sauce
83. Radish cakes
84. Beef Rendang
85. Roast fish rolls
86. Roasted chicken kunyit
87. Roasted chicken with coconut milk
88. Roasted cray-fish with stuffing
89. Roasted duck shreds mixed with jelly fish
90. Roasted lean pork
91. Roasted lean pork bun
92. Roasted satay chicken
93. Sambal chicken
94. Sambal crabs
95. Sambal dried anchovy
96. Sambal egg
97. Sambal egg-plant
98. Sambal prawns
99. Sauteed gizzard & kidney
100. Shark's fins with chicken shreds & roe
101. Shrimps with beancurd
102. Shredded pork in sauce
103. Shrimps with beancurd
104. Simmered brisket in sauce
105. Simmered chicken with tomato sauce
106. Simmered pig's leg in delicious sauce
107. Small flour-dough with stuffing
108. Smoked duck
109. Soft chicken meat in peculiar sauce
110. Soya bean curd
111. Steamed bird's next with crab meat sauce
112. Steamed dumpling with crab meat & roe
113. Steamed prawns dumpling
114. Steamed prawns with ginger & garlic
115. Steamed water-cress stuffed with beef paste
116. Stewed Garoupa with soya bean curd in hot paste
117. Stewed pomfret in hot bean sauce
118. Stuffed egg-plant in hot sauce
119. Sweet & sour chicken with 'li chi'
120. Sweet & sour pork
121. Ton-Yam prawn
122. Ton-yam chicken
123. Traditional chinese salty puffs
124. Water-chestnut cake
125. 'Yang chow' fried crisp rice
126. Preparation of garlic, chilli sauce.
127. Preparation of sour chilli
128. Method of preparing shark's fins
129. Method of softening dried abalones
130. Method of softening sea-cucumber
131. Method of softening fish maw

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