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Yan-kit Classic chinese cookbook

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Hors d'oeuvres

1. Pickled vegetables cantonese style
2. Crisp stir-fried shrimps
3. Edible jellyfish with cucumber
4. Shredded chicken with tientsin fen-pi
5. Spiced salt spareribs
6. Steamed scallops in the shell
7. Deep-fried Appetizers - Deep-fried five-spice rolls, stuffed crab claws, phoenix-tail prawns, deep-fried wontons, prawns wrapped in rice paper, special spring rolls, deep-fried milk.

Soup & fire pots
1. Ginger soup with pork & wood ears
2. Egg drop soup
3. Bean curd soup
4. Dried Scallop soup
5. Bird's nest soup
6. Shark's fin soup
7. Chicken velvet
8. Sweetcorn soup
9. Winter melon & chicken velvet soup
10. Wanton wrapper crisps soup
11. Cantonese wonton soup
12. Cantonese fire pot
13. Mongolian lamb fire pot
14. A Western or szechuan menu - lotus leaf buns, fragrant & crisp duck, fish fragrant shredded pork, pang pang chicken, hot & sour soup, dry-fried four seasonal beans

Fish & Seafood
1. Sauteed mackerel
2. Steamed prawns in mixed bean sauce
3. Abalone with chinese mushrooms
4. One fish for 2 dishes -1. Stir-fried fish fillet, 2. Beancurd soup with fish stock
5. Braised fish - hunan-szechuan style
6. Stir-fried scallops in oyster sauce
7. Deep-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce
8. Stir-fried squid in shrimp paste
9. Stir-fried clams in black bean sauce
10. Lobster with ginger & spring onion
11. Spiced-salt prawns
12. Stir-fried prawns in tomato sauce
13. Sizzling rice with shrimps & tomato sauce
14. Steamed trout with black beans & garlic
15. A Southern or cantonese menu - Asparagus with crabmeat, red bean fool, stir-fried fillet of beef with mango, dry fried prawns, clear-steamed sea bass, golden prawn balls

Poultry & Eggs
1. Stir-fried chicken with mango tout
2. Duck stuffed with myriad condiments
3. Smoked duck, szechuan style
4. Lettuce-wrapped chicken
5. Willow chicken in black bean sauce
6. Chicken in yunnan steam-pot
7. Red-braised chicken with chestnut
8. Chicken Glazed in hoisin sauce
9. Duck stuffed with glutinous rice
10. Scrambled egg with chinese chives
11. Whampoa stir-fried egg
12. Soy Sauce Chicken
13. Kung Pao Chicken
14. Sauteed chicken livers
15. A chicken for 2 dishes - Dragon flying & phoenix dancing, paper-wrapped chicken
16. A northern or perking menu - Mandarin pancakes, peking duck, seaweed, fish in a wine sauce, pickled cabbage, chinese celery cabbage in cream sauce

1. Rustic Steamed beef
2. Twice-cooked pork
3. Sweet & Sour pork
4. Braised Beef with garlic
5. Beef in oyster sauce
6. Beef with preserved tangerine peel
7. White-cut pork
8. Char-siu: cantonese roast pork
9. Pearly pork balls
10. Stir-fried pork with szechuan preserved vegetable
11. Stir-fried beef with pickled mustard green
12. Mu-shu pork
13. Stir-fried pork with red-in-snow
14. Green pepper beef in black bean sauce
15. Dry-fried Beef
16. Ants climbing a tree
17. Roast belly of pork
18. Red-braised ox tongue
19. An Eastern or shanghai menu - fu-yung egg slices, red-in-snow with pork, yangchow fried rice, 'smoked' fish, eight-treasure beancurd, crystal sugar pork knuckle

1. Fish fragrant aubergine (eggplant)
2. Dry-braised bamboo shoots & chinese mushroom
3. Beancurd puffs
4. Eight-treasure vegetarian assembling
5. Sauteed stuffed pepper
6. Wheat Gluten
7. Red-braised gluten
8. Pi Pa Beancurd
9. Pock-ma Bean curd
10. Stir-fried chinese broccoli with beef
11. Deep-fried beancurd in earthern pot
12. Stuffed chinese mushrooms
13. Braised bamboo shoots
14. Stir-fried beansprouts with shredded pork
15. Stir-fried chinese celery cabbage with dried shrimps
16. A vegetarian menu - stir-fried broccoli & chinese mushrooms, rainbow salad, stir-fried beansprouts, stir-fried spinach in beancurd 'cheese' sauce, lohan's delight, beancurd in a simple sauce

Rice, Noodles & Dumplings
1. Boiled Rice
2. Plain fried rice
3. Stir-fried glutinous rice
4. Beef fried rice
5. Yin-yang rice
6. Boiled northern dumplings
7. Sauteed northern dumplings
8. Spring onion cakes
9. Dry-braised yi noodles
10. Double-faced brown noodles with pork
11. Tossed noodles with ginger & spring onion
12. Singapore fried rice stick
13. Deep-fried bean-paste sauce with noodles
14. A mixed regional menu - Lion's head, eight-treasure rice pudding, yu-ling's hot & numbing chicken, paper-thin lamb with spring onions, plain boiled vegetables

1. Almond beancurd
2. Apples or bananas pulling golden threads
3. Red bean paste pancakes

Special recipes
1. Stock
2. Hot Chilli oil
3. Szechuan chilli paste
4. Sweet Bean sauce
5. Flavour-potting (Lu wei)

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