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Tham Yui Kai's Suggestions - The Master Chef (white)

Tham Yui Kai's Suggestions - The Master Chef
(Twenty-five edition)


1. Herbs & spices
2. Certain phrases & words regarding cooking

Dishes Name
Meat Dishes
1. Fried pork's ribs in hot sauce
2. Stewed foreshank(pork leg)in black vinegar sauce
3. Fried pig-liver with worchestershire sauce
4. Sweet & sour pork
5. Fried marrow with scramble egg
6. Fried pork chop in chinese style
7. Double cooked pork
8. Cold pig's legs soak in white vinegar
9. Fried crisp meat-ball
10. Pork with minced garlic sauce
11. Roasted pork ribs
12. Fried pig's chitterlings in hot sauce
13. Roasted lean pork
14. Yang zhou fried crisp rice
15. Crisp skin suckling pig
16. Jing Du pork ribs
17. Fried pork with five-spice powder in sauce
18. Cold pig's trotter
19. Simmered pig's leg in delicious sauce
20. Steamed pork & taro slices in sauce
21. Sauteed gizzard & kidney
22. Shreded pork in sauce
23. Pork-ribs with champagne
24. Fried pork balls in sauce
25. Fried beef in oyster sauce
26. Sauteed beef in fermented black bean sauce
27. Beef steak in chinese style
28. Simmered beef in sauce
29. Fried beef with asparagus
30. Beef Rendang
31. Curry mutton
32. Sliced mutton in sauce
33. Simmered mutton in sauce

34. Chicken soaked with wine
35. Fried chicken-slices in hot plate
36. Stewed chicken wrapped in lotus leaf
37. Mandarin stewed chicken
38. Fried chicken with taro in coconut sauce
39. Fried chicken with fermented black bean
40. Chicken with oyster sauce in packets
41. Fried chicken pieces in lemon sauce
42. Sambal eggs
43. Chicken shreds with jelly fish
44. Diced chicken with peanut
45. Fried chicken-limbs with shrimp paste
46. Aromatic chicken
47. Roasted chicken with stuffing
48. Roasted chicken with ginger, spring onion & salt
49. Fried chicken with satay gravy
50. Sweet & sour chicken with lychee
51. Fried crisp-skin chicken
52. Aromatic chicken wrapper
53. Chicken soaked in soya sauce
54. Portuguese dish prepared in chinese style
55. Baked stuff-chicken wrapped in lotus leaf
56. Chicken omelette
57. Fried crisp chicken with almond
58. Chicken-mince with corn soup
59. Deep fried chicken testicle
60. Fried duck with pineapple
61. Simmered duck with chestnut
62. Duck's legs with valuable foodstuff
63. Smoked duck
64. Fried aromatic duck with stuffing
65. Crisp duck in fruit sauce
66. Fried crisp tender pigeons
67. Simmered tender pigeons in oyster sauce
68. Fried spongy crisp pigeon meat

Fish & Seafood
70. Fried pomfret in fruit sauce
71. Steamed garoupa
72. Chilli sotong
73. Roasted fish rolls
74. Fried red tilapia fish with bean crumbs
75. Fried pomfret in plum sauce
76. Lucky Raw fish
77. Steamed pomfret in stock
78. Fried fish rolls
79. Fried prawns in lemon sauce
80. Fried prawn balls in tomato sauce
81. Fried prawn round with almond
82. Fried stuffed you tiao
83. Fried prawns with ham
84. Fried crisp prawns with taro paste
85. Curry prawn
86. Deep fried scallops with taro paste
87. Salad prawns
88. Roasted cray-fish with stuffing
89. Steamed prawns with ginger & garlic
90. Fried prawns in preserved chilli beancurd sauce
91. Fried prawns with hot sauce
92. Crisp spring roll with stuffing
93. Fried crab-meat with egg in sauce
94. Fried golden coin
95. Roasted crabs with black pepper
96. Fried crab dates
97. Mushroom in crab-meat sauce
98. Crab-meat in fried taro nest
99. Braised turtle in sauce
100.Shark's fins with chicken shred & roe
101. Abalone slices in milk suace
102. Chicken legs & sea-cucumber
103. Shark's fins round in white sauce
104. Steamed bird's nest with crab-meat sauce
105. Steamed chicken stuffed with bird's nest

106. Fried duck shred with celery
107. Fried tomato with stuffing
108. Small white cabbage in crab sauce
109. Shrimps with beancurd
110. Steamed mushrooms with stuffing
111. Mushrooms in hot sauce
112. Fried garoupa with asparagus
113. Braised mushrooms with chicken claws
114. Delicious bean curd in crab-meat sauce
115. Fried chicken in hot sauce
116. Steamed prawns with egg-white
117. Fried wheat flour dough rolls stuffed with baby corn
118. Dry cooked bamboo shoots
119. Fried prawn with musk-melon
120. Mustard-pieces in crab sauce
121. Stuffed egg-plant in hot sauce
122. Simmered pork-ribs with bitter gourd
123. Fried frog leg with kai lan
134. Braised beancurd with chicken in sauce
135. Stuffed straw mushroom with broccoli
136. Long-tong mixed vegetable
137. Fried tientsin cabbae with tri-shred
138. Crisp rolls stuffed with assorted vegetable
139. Fried chicken strips with mango
140. Fried green chilli with balls of meat
141. Asparagus with white jelly fungus in corn sauce
142. Sambal egg-plant

143. Stewed carp with red beans & chicken legs
144. Stewed mutton with chinese herbs
145. Chicken particles with fish-maw
146. Beancurd & straw mushrooms soup.
147. Chicken particles in winter melon vase
148. Valuable foodstuff in melon sauce
149. Various strips with shark's fins
150. Steamed melon with conpoy & chicken

Porridge, Noodles & Rice
151. Porridge of melon & duck
152. Prawn noodles in soup
153. Laksa
154. Fried rice vermicelli (bee hoon)
155. Fried bean vermicelli with crisp shallots
156. Noodles with seafood & chicken
157. Deliciously fried rice
158. Fried rice with pineapple
159. Eight delicious rice

Dessert & snacks
160. Crystal moon cakes
161. Frozen jelly cakes
162. Sweet pumpkin
163. Oendai-oendai
164. Crisp coconut biscuits
165. Crisp buns stuffed with lotus-seed paste
166. Aromatic potato puffs
167. Almond jelly
168. Fried crisp curry puffs
169. Steamed buns stuffed with crab-meat & shark's fins
170. Small flour-doughs with stuffing
171. Dumplings in bamboo leaves
172. Crisp rolls
173. Beef dumplings
174. Baked ham buns
175. Steamed glutinous rice with chicken
176. Prawn dumplings

177. Picked vegetables
178. Method of preparing dried seafood

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