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Cookery by Tham Yui Kai (1986 Edition)

Dian Xin (Savoury)

1. Steamed buns stuffed with crab-meat & shark's fins
2. Steamed prawn dumpling
3. Fried Crisp yam puffs
4. Radish cakes
5. Baked Ham buns
6. Steamed water-cress stuffed with sirloin paste
7. Fried bread-pieces with stuffing
8. Buns stuffed with mushroom & chicken-meat
9. Traditional chinese salty puffs
10. Steamed crab-meat dumplings (shao mai)
11. Steamed glutinous rice with chicken
12. Buns stuffed with crab-meat
13. Aromatic potato puffs
14. Fried chicken strips rolls
15. Steamed buns stuffed with roasted lean pork
16. Fried chicken particles with macaroni
17. Delicious flat-fish dumplings
18. Small flour-doughs with stuffing
19. Crisp Rounds of glutinous rice with stuffing
20. Dumplings in bamboo leaves
21. Crisp rolls

Dian Xin (Sweet)
1. Coconut milk jelly
2. Aromatic sesame roll
3. Water chestnut cakes
4. Glutinous rice dumplings in bamboo leaves
5. Crisp coconut pastry
6. Steamed spongy cake
7. Chilled egg jelly
8. Bean paste pastry
9. Preparation of bean paste
10. Almond jelly
11. Sweet pumpkin & yam paste
12. Sweet pumpkin
13. Walnut pudding
14. Crisp buns stuffed with sweet coconut shreds
15. Coconut cream
16. Coconut milk puddings
17. Coconut shreds tart
18. Egg tart
19. Moon cakes
20. Soya bean curd

1. Shark's fins with crabmeat & roe
2. Fried shark's fins
3. Shark's fins rounds in white sauce
4. Method of cooking, washing + boiling shark's fins
5. Steamed chicken stuffed with bird's nest
6. Quail eggs in bird's nest soup
7. Steamed bird's nest with agaric
8. Chicken shreds in bird's next
9. Prawn-meat rounds with sauce
10. Various strips with shark's fins

1. Fried crisp-skin chicken
2. Mandarin stewed chicken
3. Chicken with vegetable & Ham
4. Aromatic Chicken
5. Chicken in milk sauce
6. Beggar Chicken
7. Fried Chicken stuffed with glutinous rice
8. Chicken with oyster sauce in packets
9. Fried chicken-meat with almond
10. Chicken soaked in soya sauce
11. Roasted chicken in sauce
12. Stewed Chicken wrapped in lotus leaf
13. Chicken soaked with mau tai wine
14. Portuguese Dish prepared in chinese style
15. Fried Tender Chicken
16. Steamed chicken-meat and cooked ham in sauce
17. Chicken meat in frozen jelly
18. Fried Chicken in oyster sauce
19. Roasted chicken with ginger, onion & salt
20. Fried chicken with salted black beans
21. Soft chicken-meat in peculiar sauce
22. Chicken-shreds mixed with ham shreds
23. Chicken baked in salt
24. Fried Chicken with miscellaneous vegetables in clay-pot
25. Fried crisp chicken-strips rolls
26. Deliciously simmered chicken-limbs
27. Fried Chicken-meat with egg
28. Fried chicken-meat with almond
29. Yam-pot with chicken-particles & Almond
30. Boiled tender chicken in lemon sauce
31. Steamed chicken-slices with stuffing in sauce
32. Kai Chee Ko Cha
33. Chicken strips in oyster sauce
34. Fried chicken-limbs in dry sherry sauce
35. Fried chicken-meat in plum sauce
36. Chicken-minced with corn soup
37. Fried ham and chicken-meat in packets
38. Steamed chicken-meat wrappped in lotus-leaf
39. Fried Crisp Chicken-Limbs
40. Simmered Chicken in orange sauce
41. Fried Chicken-meat with potato
42. Simmered abalone with chicken limbs
43. Fried chicken-meat shreds with chinese cabbage
44. Chicken strips in 'nest'
45. Stewed chicken in coconut-vase
46. Chicken Curry

1. Crisp Duck in fruit sauce
2. Aromatic crisp-skin duck
3. Roasted peking duck
4. Fried Crisp duck with yam
5. Simmered duck with ginger
6. Steamed duck filled with onion & meat
7. Fried duck with plum sauce
8. Fried aromatic duck with stuffing
9. Fried duck-meat in lemon sauce
10. Duck-legs with mushroom
11. Duck-legs with valuable foodstuff

1. Fried crisp tender pigeons
2. Fried spongy crisp pigeon meat
3. Tender piegeons in lemon sauce
4. Simmered tender pigeons in oyster sauce

1. Fried Pomfred in sauce
2. Steamed Groupa
3. Fish-head in claypot
4. Fried fish sandwiches
5. Fried pomfret in 'Lichi' style
6. Baked Pomfred
7. Simmed Carp with Garlic
8. Fried Fish Rolls with french beans
9. Fried Groupa pieces with stuffing
10. Fried fish soaked in spice sauce
11. Steamed pomfret in stock
12. Steamed pig-brain and fish-head in sauce
13. Steamed Shad fish
14. Fried Groupa in sauce
15. Stewed Carp with red beans & chicken legs
16. Fried Groupa & kangkong in sauce
17. Pomfred soaked in oil
18. Steamed carp-head in delicious sauce
19. Baked Pomfret in sauce
20. Fried Groupa pieces in sauce
21. Steamed Pomfred
22. Fried Pomfred in fruit sauce
23. Fried fish rolls

1. Fried crisp prawns
2. Fried prawns
3. Fried prawns with chilli
4. Crisp lobster rolls
5. Fried satay prawns balls
6. Fried prawn-meat rounds with almond
7. Fried prawns with ham
8. Salad prawns
9. Fried prawns with corn-grains
10. Fried prawns with stuffing
11. Fried prawns balls in tomato sauce

1. Fried crabs in chilli sauce
2. Fried crab dates
3. Roasted crab crust with stuffing
4. Fried crab meat with egg in sauce
5. Fried crab in curry sauce
6. Fried Chicken strips with crab meat
7. Fried crabs with chilli & salted soya bean
8. Crab-meat in fried yam 'nest'

1. Abalone slices in milk sauce
2. Chicken legs & Abalone in soup
3. Fried crisp oyster
4. Three strips with fish-bladder
5. Chicken-legs & sea-cucumber
6. Fried turtle-pieces in sauce
7. Fried shellfish-meat with garlic in sauce
8. Fried Eel-meat strips with celery
9. Fried frog-pieceswith ground mustard & sesame
10. Fried eel-strips in sauce
11. Fried frogs with mustard green (kai lan)

1. Roasted lean pork
2. Roasted pork
3. Fried pork in delicious sauce
4. Roasted Pork rib
5. Fried chicken rolls in lea & perrin sauce
6. Golden pork coin
7. Crisp skin piglet
8. Pork-ribs in delicious sauce
9. Fried Pig;s trotter in delicious sauce
10. Steamed pork & yam slices in sauce
11. Fried spare ribs in sauce
12. Fried Pig-liver slices in sauce
13. Roasted lean prok
14. Fried pork strips with celery
15. Fried marrow with egg
16. Fried pork chop in chinese style
17. Fried rounds of lean pork mince in sauce
18. Aromatic pork-ribs in chilli sauce
19. Crisp Rice pieces in delicious sauce

1. Beef steak in chinese style
2. Fried beef strips
3. Simmered beef in sauce
4. Satay beef steak
5. Fried beef with egg
6. Fried beef in oyster sauce
7. Beef-muscles cooked in spices sauce
8. Fried beef in curry sauce
9. Fried beef steak with walnuts
10. Fried beef steak in oyster sauce

Beancurd & Vegetables
1. Sun kong beancurd
2. Fried soya-bean curd in sauce
3. Delicious soya-bean curd in sauce
4. Minced chicken particles in melon vase
5. Valuable foodstuff in melon vase
6. Steamed melon with shellfish-meat & chicken-meat
7. Mustard pieces in crab sauce
8. Vegetable combination de luxe
9. Cabbage packets in crab-meat sauce
10. Squash-pieces with stuffing
11. Prawn-meat with caulifloer in crab sauce
12. Mushroom & asaparagus in milk sauce
13. Fried green chilli with stuffing in bean sauce
14. Aromatic lotus-root biscuits
15. Deliciously fried mustard green (kai cai)
16. Steamed mushrooms with stuffing
17. Mushroom in crab-roe sauce
18. Fried green chilli with balls of meat
19. Cookd melon mash with shellfish meat
20. Porridge of melon and partridge
21. Mustard green in crab-roe sauce
22. Small white cabbage in crab sauce
23. Hot tientsin cabbage ub sauce
24. Garlic chilli sauce
25. Preparation of sour pickles
26. Preparation of our chilli
27. 'young chow' fried rice
28. Deliciously fried rice
29. Fried Hong Kong Noodle
30. Fried Noodle with crabs & prawns
31. Delicious Noodle with roasted duck-meat
32. Fried noodle mixed with flat-fish
33. Noodle in crabs sauce
34. Noodle with chicken shreds & crab-meat
35. Fish-head in vermicelli soup


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Hi Jingle,
This sounds like a chinese cookbook encyclopeadia. I noted it's an old edition, do you know if it's still available in shops?

culinary said...

hi rabbit sim,

i dun think it available in spore, you may get a second book from




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Chanced upon your blog while searching for this master chef Tham Yui Kai out of print cookery book.
I am trying to get a replacement for my mother , who lost her copy.
Tried the various sites you mentioned to no avail.
Wonder if you have a duplicate copy or is it possible to duplicate from your copy?
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Thank you.