Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yum Yum 新新饮食 44th Issue


Alan Kok Cook Ideas
Stewed Spare Ribs & Pineapple
Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts
Fish Fillet In Sour Orange Gravy
Stewed Spicy Duck with Shallots
Stewed Lamb Ribs with Herbs
Crispy Stewed Pork Belly
Yi Mee with Braised Pork Belly
Pork Belly with Five Spices Beancurd

Mr Lee Kitchen
Deep-fried Chicken with Crispy Chopped Ginger
Aromatic Spicy Prawns

Old Time Favourite
Crispy Dried Prawn & Cuttlefish
Fish Maw Mushroom Soup
Thai Style Crispy Tofu
Thai Style Teochew Steamed Fish
Stir-fried Kai Lan with Salted Fish
Pan-fried Honey Black Pepper Chicken

Mooncake Festive
Mooncake Golden Syrup
Mango Lotus Paste Mooncakes
Mini Mooncake with Pandan Coconut Filling
Chendol Agar-agar Mooncakes
Mixed Nuts Agar-agar Mooncakes
Mixed Fruit Agar-agar Mooncakes

Easy Home Cooking
Tom Yam Chicken Balls
Deep-fried Carrot & French Bean Meat Balls
Braised Black Mushroom Meat Balls
Dried Cuttlefish Meat Balls
Preserved Mui Choy Meat Balls
Preserved Dong Cai & Fish Balls Soup
Sausage Meat Balls

Agnes Cooking Class
Fish Crackers
Lekor (East Coast Fish Crackers)
Fish Noodles
Fish Paste & Mixed Vegetables Rolls

Nyonya Flavours
Ayam Bon Teh
Salted Fish Acar (Acar Kiam Hu)
Lim & Turmeric Rice
Sambal Sotong
Crispy Prawn Fritters
Double Layered Coconut Agar-agar
Sour Lemongrass Drink

New Chefs New Tastes
Hong kong Style ABC (Borscht)
Creamy Seafood Gravy with Fried Rice
Radish Soup Noodles
Pork Chop Buns
Tomato & Egg Gravy Rice with Pork Chop
Brown Rice Noodles with Chicken Chop
Creamy Seafood Soup
Baked Cheese & Curry Rice

Fantastic Food
Shanghai Salted Chicken
Spring Onion Omelette Pancake
Corn & Waterchestnut Drink

Vegetarian Column
Pickles Yambean
Appetizing Mixed Vegetables Pickle
Pickled Radish & Carrot
Beetroot Pickle
Pickled Fresh Button Mushrooms with Parsley
Fresh Shiitake Mushroom Pickles

Prize Recipe from Reader
Pan-fried Szechuan Peppercorn Chicken

Baking Corner
Orange Souffle
Toblerone Chocolate Souffle
Cream Cheese Souffle
Cheese Liquer Souffle
Sour Sup Cream Cake
Black Currant Mousse Cake
Apple Cheese Chiffon Cake
Hot White Chocolate Sauce In Orange Pudding

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