Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yummy Soups & Dishes

Yummy Soups & Dishes - Bilingual Edition by Phang Fah & Alan Kok
18 Home-style Nutritious Soups, 22 Double-boiled Soups with Love, 22 Easy Dishes with Chinese Herbs, 5 Quick & Easy Herbal Dishes

Homestyle Nutritious Soups
Mutton & Old Ginger Soup
Pepper Root with Pig's Stomach & Chicken Feet Soup
Black Bean & Mud Fish Soup
Small Red Bean & Sole Black Garlic Soup
Dried Fig & Pig's Tail Soup
Lotus Root & Pig's Tail Soup
Winter Melon & Spare Rib Soup
Fresh Huai Shan & Carrot Soup
Sweet Corn & Snow Fungus Soup
Hairy Gourd with Meat & Egg Soup
Qing Bu Liang Pork Soup
Pork with Barley & Huai Shan Soup
Wild Ge Leaves & Lohan Gou Soup
Salted Fish Head with Dried Vegetable Soup
Aloe Vera & Spare Rib Soup
Herbal Pigeon Soup
Dried Top Shell Meat & Huai Shan Soup
Herbal Old Chicken with Dried Top Shell Meat Soup

Double-boiled Soups with Love
Double-boiled Sea-cucumber & Chicken Soup
Sea Coconut & Chicken Soup
Double-boild Fish Maw & Dried Scallop Soup
Double-boiled Fish Maw & Chicken Soup
Fresh Ginseng & Chicken Soup
Double-boiled Superior Mixed Dried Seafood Soup
Black Chicken & Shou Wu Soup
Herbal Chicken in Old Coconut Soup
Cordyceps & Black Chicken Soup
Cordyceps Chicken Essence
Double-boiled Herbal Chicken Soup
Duck with Shi Chuan Soup
Tonic Soup for Men
Tian Qi & Spare Ribs Soup
Chicken & Snow Fungus in Winter Melon
Green Apple with Almond & Spare Rib Soup
Shen Xu with Apple & Chicken Soup
Bei Qi & Fish Soup
Burdock & Spare Rib Soup
Tang Shen & Spare Rib Soup
Duck with Preserved Mustard Soup
Bittergourd, Lotus Seeds & Frog Soup

Easy Dishes with Chinese Herbs
Easy Roasted Herbal Chicken
Pan-fried Chicken in Wine
Fish Maw with Scallops & Chicken
Drunken Ginseng Chicken
Fresh Huai Shan with Leek & Chicken in Clay Pot
Stewed Chicken with Herbs
Stewed Duck with Shou Di
Stewed Duck with Eight Treasures
Stewed Duck with Chuan Gong & Dang Gui
Stewed Pig's Trotter with Chong Cao
Assorted Mushrooms in Pig Stomach
Stewed Pig's Trotter with Dang Gui
Braised Herbal Spare Ribss
Crispy Char Xiu
Spare Ribs in Red Date Gravy
Stewed Meaty Spare Rib with Mixed Spices
Spare Ribs with Mixed Spices
Braised Fish with Fennel Seed & Garlic
Tian Ma Fish Hea
Fried Salty Prawns with Gan Cao
Shan Zha Fish
Drunken Frog & Tunghoon in claypot

5 Quick & Easy Herbal Dishes
Meat Balls in (Shi Chuan) Herbal Stock
Stewed Chicken with Ba Zhen
Blood Nourishing Salted Chicken
Stewed Pork Belly with Mixed Herbs
Stewed American Ginseng with Chicken

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