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名食谱Famous Cuisine no. 40 (Sept-Oct 2006)

名食谱Famous Cuisine no. 40
Amy Recipes
Spices & Cinnamon Braised Chicken
Simmered Chicken Drumstick with Fermented Salted Soy Beans
Mashed Ginger Salted Chicken Drumstick
Fried Chillies Chicken Drumstick
Onion & Orange Chicken Drumstick
Dang Gui Chicken Drumstick in Aluminium Foil

Country Style Dish
Steamed Minced Pork with Fermented Black Beans & Salted Fish
Simmered Chicken with Salted Bean Paste & Potatoes in Country style
Braised Duck & Beancurd Sheet in Country Style
Steamed Fish's Intestines & Liver with Egg

One Week Dishes
Vietnamese Fried Prawns
Spices Butter Spare
Steamed Kampong Chicken with Feremented Black Beans & Wine
Chillies & Ginger Chicken Wings in Oyster Sauce
Chicken Chop with Peanut Onion Sauce
Burmese Hot Chilli Pork
BBQ Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

Almond Amazing
Strawberry Sweety
Lemon Laddish
Doudle Duet
White Worthy
Kiwi Kindle
Chocolate Cutie
Pistachio Pretty

Puteri Ayu
Coconut Spong Cup Cakes
Marble Mini Cup Cakes
Sweet Potatoes with Lotus Paste Cup Kuih
Sago with Coconut Cup Kuih
Banana Custard Cup Kuih with coconut shreds

Vegetarian Stock
Cold Noodles in Thai Style
Preserved Mustard with Organic Dou Qian Noodles
Shan Yao Noodles
Dried Lily with Spinach Noodles Soup
Pumpkin Noodles with Seaweed & Sha Cha Sauce

S.K. Lee Snack
Glutinous Balls with Green Bean Flour
Custard Pudding
Peanut Blueberry Bao
Deep-fry Crispy Dumplings
Chrysanthemum Fatt Goh
Chicken Floss Pancake

Duck Salad with Plum Sauce
Crab Salad with Fruits
Carrot Juice Poach Fish Fillet
Red Dragon Fruit Sauce
Fried Mushrooms Combinations
Red Dates Sauce
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Lamb with Dates Sauce & Dragon Fruits Sauce

Sea Cucumber with Squids Thick Soup
Seaweed with Dried Scallop Thick Soup
Bamboo Shoots with Fish Cakes Thick Soup
Spinach with Prawns Thick Soup
Winter Melon with Fish Head Thick Soup

Special Features
Hainanese Wen Chang Chicken Rice
Chilli Dipping Sauce
Ginger & Coriander Dipping Sauce

Korea Features
Zucchini Kimchi
Village Style Korean Kimchi
Claypot Tuna Kimchi Soup
Stir Fry Kimchi with Pork Belly Slices
Hot Plate Kimchi

New Dishes
Braised Spare Ribs with Lemon & Pineapples
Fried Pork Shreds with Crispy Prawn Chilli
Chicken with Mushroom & Baby Corns
Crispy Pork Slices with Onion & Garlic
Minced Pork with Szechuan Pickled Mustard & Bean Sprouts
Fried Chicken Drumstick with Crispy Prawn Chilli & Gingers
Fried Yam with Red Cabbages & Prawns

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