Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Y3K 美厨食谱Recipes No. 32 (Sept-Oct 2006)

Y3K 美厨食谱Recipes No. 32
Set-meals for your family
1. Herbs & Double Dates Soup
2. Ginger Spring Onion Fried with Pork
3. Honey Chicken
4. Brinjals & Dried Shrimps Spicy Topping
5. Dehydrated Lalang Roots & Sugar Cane Soup
6. Foo Chook Braised with Belly Pork
7. Onions Fried with Ikan Billis
8. Red-cooked Beancurd
9. Ham Choy Roasted Pig's Trotter Soup
10.Tong Choy Steamed Minced Pork
11.Appetizing Preserved Ginger Chicken
12.Stir-fried Green with Foo Yee

The Master's Touch
13.Chocolate Cream
14.White Chocolate Sauce
15.Custard Milk
16.Bread Pudding White Chocolate Sauce
17.Briayani Prawn with Ghee Rice
18.Chicken Tikka
19.French Toast

Let's Eat At Home
20.Mattled Flower Crabmeat with Steamed Eggs
21.Black Beans Braised with Pig's Trotter
22.Assam Prawns
23.Tempoyak Masak Ikan
24.Stuffed Sotong

Meat Flavours Of The Orient
25.Szechuan Twice-cooked Pork
26.Honey Sauce Char Siew
27.Five Spice Meaty Rolls
28.Fragrant Saucy Ribs

Mooncakes Fantasy
29.Watermelon Cocount Milk Jelly Mooncake
30.Honeydew Melon Jelly Mooncake
31.Grape Juice Yoghurt Jelly Mooncake

Home-made Mooncakes
32.Golden Syrup
33.Sweeten Bean Paste
34.Mooncake Skin
35.Single Yolk Lotus Paste Mooncake
36.Mixed Nuts Mooncake
37.Pingpi Mooncake
38.Teochew Mooncake

Royal Chef vs Celebrity Chef
39.Gulai Assam Ikan Patin
40.Cabbage Chicken Salad
41.Chicken Tomato Delight
42.Bubur Lambok
43.Spiced Rice
44.Steamed Spicy Fish

Knead & Stretch Movements
45.Cheese Onion Scones
46.Healthy Bread Rolls
47.Wheat Germ Bread

Baking Inspirations
48.Yam Rolls
49.Wholemeal Bread
50.Cheese Tarts
51.Apple Pie
52.Rich Walnuts Cake
53.Chocolate Brownies
54.Moist Chocolate Cake

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