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坐月食谱Confinement Cookbook

美味风采- 坐月食谱Confinement Cookbook - 53 dishes by Feminine Magazine

Traditional Confinement

Scallop Porridge(Breakfast)
Fried Ginger Rice(Breakfast)
Soup of Mee Suah(Breakfast)
Chicken with Ginger & Wine (Lunch & Dinner)
Black Vinegar Shank (Lunch & Dinner)
Pearl Chicken (Lunch & Dinner)
Basil Meat with Ginger & Wine (Lunch & Dinner)
Steam Cod Fish with Ginger & Wine (Lunch & Dinner)
Mesentery Soup with Dang Gui & Pepper (Lunch & Dinner)
Carp Soup With Papaya (Lunch & Dinner)
Lemon Grass Chicken Soup (Lunch & Dinner)
Stewed Black Silky Chicken Soup (Supper)

Fried Rice Soup
Mei Cai Braised Meat
Dang Gui Soup in Coconut
Shallot Pork Maw Soup
Stewed Chicken with Dom & Ginger

Steamed Fish with Jizi
Chicken Soup with Herbs
Chicken Wine with Egg
Shank with Vinegar & Ginger
Stir-fried Kidney with Dom & Sesame oil

Braised Shank with Fuzhou Red Wine
Fried Eggs with Fuzhou Red Wine
Fish with Fuzhou Red Wine
Fuzhou Fermented Wine Rice Chicken
Stir-fried Kai Lan with Ginger Juice

Mua U Nui (Sesame Oil Egg Omelette)
Nasi Ulam (Salted Herbed Rice)
Tau U Kay (Sesame Oil Chicken)
Gulai Tumis (Curry Pomfret)
Ulam-Ulam (Salted Kurau Fish with chilli)

Nutritious Confinement
Liver Spinach (Lunch, Dinner)
Steam Cod Fish (Lunch,Dinner)
Crab Meat Broccoli (Lunch, Dinner)
Stir-fried Gynura(chan choy) with Sesame oil (Lunch, Dinner)
Lamb Soup with Mugwort(Ai ye) (Lunch, Dinner)
Black Silky Chicken Soup (Supper)
Kidney Du Zhong Soup (Lunch, Dinner)
Ribs in Herbs Soup (Lunch, Dinner)
Stewed Shank with Nuts & Dates (Lunch, Dinner)
Shi Quan Da Bu Soup (Supper)
Floating Egg in Longan Soup (Dessert)
Stir-fried Chicken with Sesame oil & Ginger
Sesame Kidney
Drunken Prawn
Steamed Fish with Ginger
Mixed Brown Rice with Green Peas
Brown Rice with Black Sesame Gruel

Vegetarian Confinement
Turmeric Brown Rice Ball
Ginger Appetizer
Pumpkin Chinese Spinach Soup
Stewed Marrow with Ginger
Basil Rolls
Pancake of Ginger & Kelp
Tom Yam Fish Fillet
Perfect 10 Lu Wei
Multiple Kai Lan Stem
Ginger Enzyme Syrup & Wine Soup
Ginger Enzyme
Red Dates Soup
Trio Dates Tian Qi Soup
Qi Recovery Soup
Soup In Coconut
Ai Ye Soup
Papaya Soup
Kidney Fortify Soup
Mock Pork Maw Soup
Ginger & Vinegary Beans

Confinement Snacks
Crispy Ginger Cookies
Chinese Herbal Cake
Pitta Bread
French Peaches Pudding
Ginger Pancake
Baked Egg with Creamy Brocooli
Healthy Herbs Bread
Baked Red Wine Chicken Burger

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i have this cook book too! i have tried some dishes in the book, totally great! good to know someone out there enjoying it too.