Friday, February 17, 2006

Chinese Cuisine by Fu pei mei (orange)

Hui Wei Jing Dian Zhong Cai - Chinese Cuisine by Fu pei mei

01. Deep-fried boneless chicken
02. Fried chicken slices with lemon sauce
03. Braised chicken wings with mushrooms
04. Flavored crispy chicken
05. Pomegranate shaped chicken
06. Stuffed chicken with treasures
07. Diced chicken with peppers
08. Jellied chicken
09. Stir-fried minced chicken
10. Stir-fried chicken in bird's nest

01. Spiced duck cold cuts
02. Fried duck pan cake
03. Roast duck salad
04. Steamed duck in yunnan casserole
05. Mashed taro on crispy duck
06. Steamed duck pudding
07. Braised duck
08. Quick stir-fried duck shreds with ginger
09. Crispy duck with stuffings
10. Steamed duck in lotus leaves

01. Stewed meatballs in casserole
02. Diced pork with dried hot peppers
03. Molded pork with taro
04. Fried pork spareribs jingdu style
05. Spareribs with fermented black beans
06. Sliced pork with garlic sauce
07. Roast coin shaped pork
08. Pearl balls
09. Stuffed spareribs with brown sauce
10. Stir-fried pork with bean sauce

01. Beef steak, home style
02. Sliced beef with curry sauce
03. Sliced beef with broccoli
04. Stewed meatballs, chinese style
05. Stewed beef in casserole
06. Quick stir-fried beef with green onion
07. Scramble eggs with beef slices
08. Stir-fried beef with hot sauce
09. Paper-wrapped beef
10. Stewed ox tail, chinese style

01. Smoked fish
02. Crisp fish curls
03. Diced fish with fermented black beans
04. Fried turreted fish
05. Braised fish tails in brown sauce
06. Braised eel with brown sauce
07. Sliced fish with curry sauce
08. Steamed fish with fermented black beans & hot pepper
09. Fish rolls with sweet & sour sauce
10. Steamed fish with cream sauce

01. Baby & mother shrimps
02. Sauteed prawn with tomato sauce
03. Deep-fried shrimp cutlets
04. Prawns & egg yolk sandwiches
05. Minced shrimp rolls
06. Deep-fried prawns with sour sauce
07. Abalone with assorted vegetables
08. Shredded squid with pork
09. Cuttlefish salad
10. Stir-fried lovers shrimp

Beancurd or Dofu & Egg
01. Tofu with crab sauce
02. Sauteed tofu sandwiches
03. Sauteed tofu, family style
04. Scallop, ham & mushrooms with steamed tofu
05. Egg omelett, sichuan style
06. Tri-color egg rolls
07. Chinese rice omelett
08. Assorted meat in egg pie
09. Shrimp with steamed egg
10. Dried tofu strips salad

01. Stuffed tomatoes in brown sauce
02. Chinese salad, rich style
03. Minced chicken with lima beans
04. Braised two kinds of mushrooms
05. Stir-fried vegetables covered with eggs
06. Baked chinese cabbage with crab sauce
07. Assorted vegetarian dish
08. Quail eggs & mushrooms with vegetables
09. Stuffed winter melon with ham
10. Bean sprout rolls with chilli sauce

01. Steamed assorted ingredients in casserole
02. Stuffed quail eggs & shrimp ball soup
03. Popped rice with seafood sauce
04. Oyster & you-tiao potage
05. Beef soup with white fungus
06. Seafood hot pot
07. Soup with double rolls
08. Tomato & sweet corn soup
09. Spinach & tofu soup
10. Chicken, ham & shrimp with tofu shreds soup

01. Steamed pastries with vegetables
02. Steamed flower shaped rolls
03. Stewed pork & glutinous rice dumplings
04. Baked sesame seeds buns
05. You-tiao
06. Rice with assorted ingredients, cantonese style
07. Fried rice with green vegetables
08. Assorted meat in soup noodles
09. Noodles with minced pork & bean sauce
10. Cold noodles, sichuan style

01. Steamed long life cake
02. Sweet peanut cream soup
03. Fried taro dumplings with sweet bean paste
04. Steamed eight treasures taro pudding
05. Sha-qi-ma
06. Chinese egg tart
07. Deep-fried custard pudding
08. Fried sweet rice pastry
09. Glutinous rice balls with coconut flakes
10. Steamed thousand layers cake

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