Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pei Mei - Home Style Chinese Cooking by Fu Pei Mei & Angela Cheng

Pei Mei - Home Style Chinese Cooking by Fu Pei Mei & Angela Cheng

Chicken & Duck

1. Chicken with plum sauce
2. Bon Bon Chicken
3. Braised Chicken in Spicy Brown Sauce
4. Jellied Chicken
5. Three Cups Chicken
6. Stir-fried Chicken - Hunan Style
7. Stewed Chicken with Brown Sauce
8. Stir-fried Shredded Chicken
9. Salted Crispy Chicken
10. Chicken with Sweet Soybean
11. Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Curry
12. Stir-fried Chicken Over Crispy Bones
13. Steamed Chicken Legs with Green Onion
14. Chicken with Fermented Black Beans
15. Country-Style Stewed Chicken
16. Steamed Chicken Pudding
17. Stewed Duck with Assorted Vegetables
18. Roasted Duck Salad
19. Steamed Duck with Salted Cabbage
20. Crispy Duck
21. Stewed Duck with Scallion
22. Shredded Duck Potage

1. Stewed Pork with Brown Sauce
2. Double Cooked Pork
3. Sweet & Sour Pork
4. Mo-Shu Pork
5. Steamed Spareribs with Flavored Rice Powder
6. Stewed Pork with Fermented Cabbage
7. Deep-fried Pork Steak
8. Spareribs with Fermented Black Beans
9. Stewed Bean Curd rolls
10. Pork Steak - western style
11. Pork Hamburgers Home-style
12. Steamed Pork with Salted Eggs
13. Stewed Lion's Head
14. Stewed Pig's Feet
15. Sweet & Sour Spareribs
16. Minced Pork with Green Bean Threads
17. Stewed Pork with hot sauce
18. Quick Stir-fried Pork Liver

1. Deep-fried Beef Sandwich
2. Sliced Beef with chilli sauce
3. Steamed Beef Falls- Cantonese Style
4. Five-color Beef Strips
5. Deep-fried beef balls
6. Poached Beef Slices - Hongkong Style
7. Braised Beef with Curry sauce
8. Chinese-style Hamburgers
9. Stewed Beef in Nest
10. Deep-fried Lamb
11. Stewed Lamb in Casserole Dish
12. Sauteed Lamb with Scallion

1. Stir-fried Shrimp
2. Stir-fried Shrimp with Ketchup
3. Sauteed Prawns with Hot Sauce
4. Steamed Prawns
5. Steamed Prawns with Garlic
6. Stir-fried Prawns with Broccoli
7. Deep-fried Shrimp Balls
8. Stir-fried Minced Shrimp
9. Deep-fried Shrimp Rolls
10. Stir-fried Oysters
11. Fried Oyster Cakes
12. Braised Crabs with Green Onion
13. Stir-fried Squid Rolls with Chilli Sauce
14. Stuffed Squid
15. Stir-fried Gizzard
16. Stewed Cuttlefish with Pork
17. Popped Rice with Seafood Sauce
18. Shredded Sea Cucumber with Minced Pork

1. Braised Rish with Green Onion
2. Carp with Hot Bean Paste
3. Braised Fish with Brown Sauce
4. Steamed Fish with Yellow Bean Sauce
5. Stewed Yellow Fish with Garlic
6. West Lake Fish
7. Deep-fried Fish Rolls
8. Fish Fillet with oyster Sauce
9. Deep-fried Fish Sticks
10. Steamed Fish-Cantonese Style
11. Sweet & Sour Fish
12. Stewed Fish Head

1. Hot & Sour Cucumbers
2. Jellyfish Salad
3. Sweet & Sour Cabbage Rolls
4. Celery Salad with Mustard
5. Shredded Pork with Cucumber salad
6. Minced Pork with String beans
7. Stuffed Eggplants-szechuan style
8. Stir-fried pork with salted vegetables
9. Stir-fired Assorted vegetables
10. Sliced Bamboo Shoots with Dried Scallops
11. Eggplants with sweet soybean paste
12. Quick stir-fried bean sprouts
13. Mixed Green Vegetables
14. Bitter Melon with Rich Sauce
15. Sauteed Assorted Vegetables
16. Steamed Pork with Turnips

Beancurd & Eggs
1. Pipa Shape Beancurd Balls
2. Ma Po's Beancurd
3. Braised Beancurd with ham
4. Stir-fried Beancurd strings
5. Cooked beancurd with shrim
6. Crispy beancurd
7. Stewed Beancurd Package
8. Stir-fried Eggs with Tomato
9. Steamed Eggs with minced pork
10. Omelet-chinese style
11. Deep-fried Boiled Eggds with Clear Sauce
12. Stewed Egg Dumplings with Vegetable

1. Sliced Kidney Soup
2. Hot & Sour Soup
3. Sliced Pork Soup - Szechuan Style
4. Shrimp Ball Soup
5. Meat Potage
6. Seafood Soup
7. Chicken & Black Mushroom Soup
8. Crab Meat Potage
9. Sparerib & Vegetable Soup
10. Clams & Turnip Soup


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