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Pei Mei's Best Selection of Chinese Cuisine - Taiwan, Fujian & Beijing Cuisine

Pei Mei's Best Selection of Chinese Cuisine - Taiwan, Fujian & Beijing Cuisine

This book consists 24 of Taiwan, 20 of Fujian & 39 of Beijing Cuisine

Taiwan Cuisine Content
01. Pomegranate shaped chicken
02. Three cups chicken
03. Diced chicken with cashew nut
04. Deep-fried crispy chicken rolls
05. Crispy chicken, taiwan style
06. Stewed pocket duck
07. Deep-fried home-style spareribs
08. Salty crispy shrimp
09. Stir-fried five-colors shrimps
10. Deep-fried shrimp balls with bread crumbs
11. Stuffed prawns
12. Deep-fried prawn and egg yolk sandwich
13. Crispy squid rolls
14. Chrysanthemum-shaped steamed squid
15. Deep-fried cuttlefish balls
16. Deep-fried oyster rolls
17. Stuffed clams with colorful sauce
18. Five-colors deep-fried fish
19. Steamed eel soup in casserole
20. Steamed abalone with cream sauce
21. Meat potage
22. Steamed chicken soup with pickles
23. Chinese flower-shaped buns
24. Salted Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Fujian Cuisine Content
01. Stuffed chicken wings with ham
02. Stewed pork rolls
03. Stuffed spareribs with brown sauce
04. Stewed spareribs with sea cucumber
05. Sweet & sour li-zhi pork
06. Stir-fried jellyfish and kidney
07. Deep -fried prawns with green seaweed
08. Babt and mother shrimps
09. Steamed Glutinous rice with crabs
10. Sliced fish with sweet & sour sauce
11. Eel with red wine dreg sauce
12. Buddha jumping over the wall
13. Braised shark's fin with seafood
14. Steamed dried scallops with cream sauce
15. Beancurd dumpling in soup
16. Meatball soup, fujian style
17. Oyster and you-tiao potage
18. Fried sweet glutinous rice pastry
19. Taro balls with sweet bean paste
20. Steamed eight treasure taro pudding

Beijing Cuisine Content
01. Smoked chicken, beijing style
02. Jellied chicken, northern style
03. Chicken salad, shandong style
04. Diced chicken with sweet soybean sauce
05. Stir-fried chicken with jellyfish
06. Fu rong shaped chicken
07. Stewed chicken with chestnuts
08. Flavoured crispy duck
09. Roast duck, beijing style
10. Jellied stewed mutton
11. Deep-fried pork fillet
12. Pork salad with mung bean sheets
13. Shredded pork with sweet soybean sauce
14. Meatballs with sweet & sour sauce
15. Quick stir-fried beef with green onion
16. Quick stir-fried gizzard and tripe
17. Saute'ed pork kidney
18. Turreted fried prawns, beijing style
19. Deep-fried prawns with sweet & sour sauce
20. Cuttlefish salad
21. Hot & sour fish soup
22. Sliced fish with wine sauce
23. Deep-fried whole fish with sweet & sour sauce
24. Sliced fish with deep-fried noodles
25. Abalone with chicken and tripe
26. Stewed sea cucumber with green onion
27. Bird's nest soup with steamed egg white
28. Stewed shark's fin with brown sauce
29. Fried beancurd sandwiches
30. Pork & assorted vegetables covered with egg sheet
31. Hot & sour soup
32. Minced chicken with abalone potage
33. Sea-cucumber soup, shandong style
34. Fried dumplings
35. Candied custard potato
36. Deep-fried custard pudding
37. Dan-bing with green onion pie
38. Noodles with minced pork, northern style
39. Shandong style soup noodles

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