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Pei Mei's Best Selection of Chinese Cuisine - Guangdong & Hunan Cuisine

Pei Mei's Best Selection of Chinese Cuisine - Guangdong & Hunan Cuisine

This book consists of 46 of Guangdong Cuisine & 37 of Hunan Cuisine:

Guangdong Cuisine Content
01. Phoenix-sharped cold cuts platter
02. Steamed chicken with green onion
03. Stir-fried chicken in bird's nest
04. Fried chicken slices with lemon sauce
05. Crispy chicken, guangdong style
06. Jin-hua chicken
07. Stuffed chicken wings with shrimp
08. Flower shaped chicken
09. Salt-roasted chicken, guangdong style
10. Steamed duck pudding
11. Mashed taro on crispy duck
12. Minced pigeon with vegetables
13. Sweet and sour pork
14. Molded pork, gongxi style
15. Pork spareribs, jingdu style
16. Barbecued pork
17. Spareribs with fermented black beans
18. Beef with oyster sauce
19. Sliced beef with scrambled egg
20. Beef steak, chinese style
21. Two-flavours beef strips in bird's nests
22. Stewed beef in casserole
23. Salt-roasted shrimp
24. Crispy prawn with mayonnaise
25. Fish balls with fermented black beans
26. Smoked fish
27. Steamed live fish, guangdong style
28. Tri-colored steamed fish
29. Abalone with oyster sauce
30. Mold scallops with hair-like moss
31. Pi-pa shaped beancured balls
32. Steamed bean-curd-like egg
33. Stuffed beancurd
34. Assorted vegetarian dish
35. Baked chinese cabbage with crab sauce
36. Braised tri-colors vegetables
37. Minced chicken in corn soup
38. Assorted meat soup in winter melon
39. Shark's fin with shredded chicken
40. Assorted seafood soup
41. Ma-la cake
42. Steamed rice with chinese sausage
43. Baked chinese tapioca pudding
44. Shrimp Dumplings, guangdong style
45. Barbecue pork pastries
46. Glutinous rice ball with coconut flakes

Hunan Cuisine Content
01. Dong-an chicken
02. Stir-fried chicken, hunan style
03. Deep-fried chicken, hunan style
04. Stewed chicken wings, legs and gizzards
05. Roasted duck strips with celery salad
06. Crispy duck with assorted stuffing
07. Stir-fried frogs with garlic sauce
08. Baked ham with syrup
09. Pearl balls
10. Crispy pork with dan-bing
11. Steamed assorted smoked meats
12. Braised beef with brown sauce
13. Stir-fried lamb tripe
14. Two flavours minced shrimps
15. Steamed flower shaped prawns
16. Hot and sour squid rolls
17. Shredded squid with pork
18. Deep-fried turreted fish
19. Smoked yellow croaker (fish)
20. Steamed fish with fermented black beans
21. Abalone with assorted vegetables
22. Steamed egg whites with scallop sauce
23. Deep-fried vegetarian meat
24. Crispy bells
25. Four kinds of braised vegetables
26. Sharkfin potage with minced chicken
27. Minced pigeon soup in bamboo cup
28. Sliced fish soup, hunan style
29. Duck's bundles soup
30. Meatballs coated with scallop soup
31. Mellowed chicken ball soup
32. Hot and sour rice sheets soup, hunan style
33. Assorted meats with chrysanthemum fire pot
34. Braised mutton in casserole
35. Steamed shredded rolls
36. Turnip tarts
37. Red dates pastry

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