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Exquisite Chinese Home Dishes - fu pei mei (lobster)

Exquisite Chinese Home Dishes - fu pei mei

Fu Pei Mei was the most famous and renowned culinary artist in Taiwan. In 1960, she originated Pei Mei’s Chinese Cooking Institute of Taipei and resolved to share her passion of Chinese cuisine with the community. Two years later, she started a weekly cooking demonstration program, Fu Pei Mei’s Time on T.T.V. Co. (Taiwan), the program had lasted for 39 years.

Pei Mei introduced Chinese traditions and culture overseas, and her devotion and tremendous contributions were recognized by numerous awards. Pei Mei had written a total number of 48 cookbooks and created countless recipes, including Chinese, English and Japanese versions before passing away on September 16, 2004.


1. 百花嫩雞 Chicken Breast with Minced Shrimp
2-1 玉米燜鳳翼 Stewed Chicken Wings with Corn
2-2 果粒雞丁 Stir-fried Chicken with Fruits
3. 香煎檸檬雞 Lemon Chicken
4. 燒鴨兩吃 Roasted Duck Salad in Two Ways
5-1 柴把四寶湯 Duck's Bundles Soup
5-2 金銀鴨 Two Colors Duck
6. 香滷五層肉 Braised Pork
7. 燒腩瑤柱扣津白 Cabbage with Roasted Pork
8-1 溜脆皮餛鈍 Sweet and Sour Won-Ton
8-2 椒鹽佛手肉 Buddha's Hand's Shaped Crispy Meat
9-1 廣式回鍋牛仔骨 Double-cooked Ribs Cantonese Style
9-2 回鍋子排 Double-cooked Pork Ribs Szechuan Style
10. 脆奶牛仔骨 Custard Pudding with Ribs
11-1 金菇牛肉捲 Beef Ro11s
11-2 夏果西芹牛肉 Stir-fried Beef with Macadamia Nuts
12-1 A1牛排煲 Beef Steak with A Sauce
12-2 椰香葡汁牛肉 Curry Beef with Coconut Milk
13-1 沙茶牛肚 Beef Trip with Sha-Cha BBQ Sauce
13-2 麻辣豬肚 Pork Trip with Spicy Sauce
14. 蒜茸龍蝦 Lobster with Garlic Sauce
15. 鮮蝦香橙沙拉 Shrimp Salad in Orange Cups
16. 百花釀翠環 Shrimp Paste Stuffed Green Rings
17. 水晶白玉捲 Wintermelon Ro11s
18. 吉利明蝦 Crispy Prawns
19. 杏仁明蝦 Deep-fried Prawns with Almond
20. 酥炸明蝦捲 Prawn Rolls Crispy Stylc
21. 三絲蝦線 Stir-fried Shrimp Strings
22. 三鮮竹笙筒 Bamboo Mush room Rolls
23. 蝦兵會蟹將 Stir-fried Shrimp and Crab Meat
24-1 百合鮮貝 Stir-fried Scallops with Lily Bud
24-2 百花帶子 Deep-fried Scallop with Shrimp Paste
25. 白玉釀元貝 Steamed Scallops with Wintermelon
26-1 海雜伴兒 Seafood Combination
26-2 干貝絲瓜 Steamed Squash with Scallop
27. 烏龍搶珠 Sea Cucumber with Quail Eggs
28-1 砂鍋鮮肉蛤 Stuffed Clams in Caseasoningserole
28-2 蒜茸蒸冬粉蚌 Steamed Clams with Garlic Sauce
29. 蜆肉韭菜鬆 Leek with Clam Meat
30. 炒鮮九孔 Stir-fried Baby Abalone
31. 翡翠花枝捲 Minced Squid Rolls
32. 葵花烏魚子 Flower Shaped Mullet Roe
33. 茄汁菠蘿魚 Pineapple Shaped Fish
34. 碧綠鮮魚捲 Steamed Fish Rolls
35. 京醬溜鮮魚 Fish with Sweet Soybean Paste
36-1. 扇形肚檔 Stewed Fish in Fan Shape
36-2 魚香鮭魚捲 Salmon Rolls with Hot Sauce
37-1 雙果溜鮮魚 Sweet & Sour Fish with Fruits
37-2 醬爆河鰻球 Quick Stir-fried Eel
38. 五彩燴魚線 Fish Strings Potage
39. 蒜香栗子鰻 Baked Eel with Garlic
40. 金盃果粒沙拉 Fruit Saladin Go1den Cups
41-1. 炸松子素捲 Deep-fried Pine Nuts Rolls
41-2. 芥辣梨絲牛蒡 Pear and Burdock Salad
42-1. 冰梅素玉簪 Vegetarian Ribs with Plum Sauce
42-2. 溜三絲素豆包 Mold Fresh Bean Curd Sheets
43. 蒟蒻雙味 Two Flavors Konnyaku
44. 春華滿堂 Vegetables Rich Style
45. 芙蓉如意捲 Rice Sheet Rolls
46. 醬汁素鰻 Vegetarian Eel with Brown Sauce
47. 九層洋菇 Deep-fried Mushrooms
48. 香烹素九孔 Vegetarian Abalone
49. 四寶素燴 Braised Four Vegetarian Treasures
50-1. 百頁素捲 Bean Curd Sheet Rolls
50-2. 百果香菇捲 Black Mushroom Rolls with Ginkgo Nuts
51. 酥皮豆腐夾 Crispy Bean Curd Sandwich
52. 茭白雙味 Two Ways Co-ba Bamboo Shoot
53. 佛手白菜 Steamed Cabbage Rolls
54-1. 火腿竹笙扒絲瓜 Squash with Ham and Bamboo Mushroom
54-2. 涼拌竹笙絲 Bamboo Mushroom Mixed
55. 馬鈴薯兩吃 Two Ways Potato
56-1. 西班牙海鮮飯 Casserole Rice with Seafood
56-2. 香煎三鮮捲 Fried Chicken Soft Cake
57. XO醬與XO醬炒飯 Stir-fried Rice with XO Sauce
58-1. 家鄉炒飯 Stir-fried Rice Country Style
58-2. 鹹鮭魚炒飯 Stir-fried Rice with Salty Salmon
59. 飯夾肉燥派 Rice Pie

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