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Pei Mei's Best Selection of Chinese Cuisine - Sichuan & Jiangzhe

Pei Mei's Best Selection of Chinese Cuisine - Sichuan & Jiangzhe

This book consist 35 of Sichuan & 50 of Jiangzhe Cuisine

Sichuan Cuisine Content
01. Bang bang chicken
02. Saute'ed chicken, chengdu style
03. Chicken with gong-bao sauce
04. Camphor & tea leaves smoked duck
05. Double cooked pork
06. Sliced pork with garlic sauce
07. Pork strings with yu-xiang sauce
08. Steamed spareribes with flavored rice powder
09. Stewed beef, sichuan style
10. Stewed beef with yu-xiang sauce
11. Shredded beef, country style
12. Kidney with hot red sauce
13. Cold sliced prawn salad with five kind of sauce
14. Popped rice with shrimp
15. Dry-cooked shrimp with hot sauce
16. Squid rolls with gong-bao sauce
17. Fish rolls with two flavours
18. Carp with hot bean sauce
19. Steamed fish with yellow bean sauce
20. Stir-fried baby eel with hot spicy sauce
21. Braised eel with pickled hot red pepper
22. Sea cucumber with jia-chang sauce
23. Minced pork on egg omelett
24. Ma-po beancurd
25. Saute'ed bean curd with jia-chang sauce
26. Saute'ed beancurd balls
27. Stuffed eggplants with yu-xiang sauce
28. Dry cooked string beans
29. Sweet & sour cabbage
30. Sichuan cucumber salad
31. Bean sprouts rolls with chilli sauce
32. Sichuan pickles
33. Won-ton with hot red sauce
34. Sichuan style booth noodles
35. Cold noodles, sichuan style

Jiangzhe (also known as shanghai) Cuisine Content
01. Wine chicken
02. Beggar roast chicken
03. Chicken wings with mushroom & bamboo shoots
04. Spiced duck cold cuts
05. Deep-fried pigeon
06. Jellied pork, zhenjiang style
07. Mold pork in brown sauce
08. Honeydew ham
09. Braised pork spareribs, wuxi style
10. Stewed meatballs in casserole
11. Steamed spareribs in lotus leaves
12. Minced meat with pork tendon
13. Deep-fried river shrimp
14. Shredded jellyfish salad
15. Deep-fried shrimp balls
16. Prawns with tomato sauce
17. Saute'ed tri-color sliced prawns
18. Stir-fried crab with sweet soybean sauce
19. Spicy fish slices, suzhou style
20. Braised fish tail in brown sauce
21. Sweet & sour boneless fish
22. Two way yellow croaker (fish)
23. Braised gold carp with green onion
24. Steamed shad (fish)
25. West lake fish
26. Stewed fish head in casserole
27. Deep-fried sweet baby eel
28. Sweet candied walnuts
29. Stewed eel with chestnuts
30. Stewed turtle with brown sauce
31. Stuffed chicken with sharkfin soup
32. Assorted meats with brown sauce
33. Sea cucumber with shrimp roe
34. Crab meat with green cabbage
35. Sliced bamboo shoots with vegetable
36. Cabbage with cream sauce
37. Assorted vegetable in light sauce
38. Stewed wheat glutens with brown sauce
39. Turnip balls with scallop sauce
40. Mold tri-color soup
41. Two kinds of stuffed meatballs in soup
42. Bean curd shreds with chicken & ham soup
43. Fish potage, ningbo style
44. Egg rolls
45. Sweet bean paste pancake
46. Glutinous rice shao-mai
47. Stuffed lotus roots
48. Steamed red bean cake
49. Sweet sesame seeds cream soup
50. Assorted chao-mian, shanghai style

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